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Crystal Eyes by Brandon Duff – Song of the Day

27 October 2021 | 11:00 am | Mallory Arbour

Singer-songwriter Brandon Duff worked with multi award winning producer Rod McCormack on his latest single, Crystal Eyes – it’s our Song of the Day!

Central Coast-based, singer-songwriter, Brandon Duff worked with multi-award winning producer Rod McCormack on his latest single, Crystal Eyes – it’s our Song of the Day!

Crystal Eyes is an emotional coming-of-age song, guided by strong storytelling and ambient vocals. It explores ideas of youth and young love, drawing from experiences of finding someone new in your life and sharing your past heartbreaks to grow closer.

Brandon says, “Being excited to have someone new in your life but with melancholy undertones knowing it may not last. There’s a beauty about finding someone new that makes you feel refreshed and loved, but it can also resurface past feelings of loss that have never really left. I drew on experiences of youth, drinking in parks and staying out in Newtown, trying to find where you fit in the world. I have fond memories of going out with friends in the city and feeling larger than life and wanted to capture that within the song as well.”

The track also features harmony vocals by Reigan Derry, who was a finalist on Australian Idol and The X Factor Australia, as well as musician Glenn Wilson, who played on Passenger’s Let It Go.

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Brandon’s unique pop influenced sound combines contemporary melodies with acoustic soundscapes to create his own lane in modern music. He has been performing in front of audiences since he was a child – from intimate acoustic shows to the bright lights of reality television. He’s opened for artists including Hoodoo Gurus and Sneaky Sound System.

Recently, Brandon was a finalist for the 'Songwriters at the Rocks' Competition with Crystal Eyes, selected by APRA from the most talented musicians in Australia. Some of his other achievements include appearing on The Voice in 2014 (where he finished in the top 40 on Ricky Martin’s team), winner of ‘SeaFM Discovered’ in 2015, and securing a mentoring session with Amy Shark in 2018.

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