Better Off by Josh Setterfield – Song of the Day

22 February 2022 | 10:35 am | Mallory Arbour

Injecting country rock with catchy pop to create his own signature sound, Josh Setterfield is fuelling country music with cutting-edge songs and good times!

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Josh Setterfield has dropped his newest single, Better Off – it’s our Song of the Day!

Produced by a top team of writers and producers in Nashville, Canada and Australia including Craig Brooks, David Boyd Janes, Jason Blaine, Josh Setterfield and Aaron Chmielewski, Better Off is a trailblazing, feel-good anthem that’s modern, catchy and country.

Josh says, “We all know something we could be better off without, whether it’s a toxic relationship, friendship, bad habit or even in 2022... Covid! I hope this song sparks something in people to help make the change or decision they need to improve their own lives... to be better off.”

Raised in Wangi Wangi, near Newcastle, the entertainer, singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist exploded onto the scene after transitioning from pop punk frontman-to-solo country entertainer in 2016. He has since released three EPs, all of which debuted in the top 5 on the iTunes country charts and have accrued over half a million streams.

Following the success of Right About Now, which has amassed over one million streams and a #1 on CMT, Josh took to TikTok to put a pop-punk spin on the ground-breaking single (see here). Shared on February 8, Josh takes on the roles of lead singer, lead guitarist and guitarist in the creative video. The performance is complemented with added mohawk, guyliner, backwards cap, bandana, band tee and hoodie, and of course, his signature tatts on show.

The original version of Right About Now currently sits at #38 on the Countrytown Hot 50 Country Airplay Chart.

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Building a loyal fanbase around the country with a unique sound, Josh has delivered knockout performances at major festivals, the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) and alongside noteworthy names like American country band Love and Theft, Casey Barnes, The Wolfe Brothers, Shannon Noll, Travis Collins, The Viper Creek Band and more.


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