Best Of Me by Josh Ramsay Featuring Dallas Smith – Song of the Day

17 February 2022 | 12:20 pm | Mallory Arbour

Our Song of the Day is 'Best Of Me' by Marianas Trench frontman, Josh Ramsay featuring country singer-songwriter, Dallas Smith.

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Our Song of the Day is Best Of Me by Marianas Trench frontman, Josh Ramsay featuring country singer-songwriter, Dallas Smith

Speaking of the track, Ramsay tweeted, “Honestly, this was the most challenging vocal for me. Not because it’s a hard song, but because I wanted to sound authentic, but still me, without sounding like I was doing an SNL bit. I did it a million times to arrive here.”

According to the Montreal Gazette: Ramsay said he wrote the song Best of Me with Smith in mind from the get-go. The whole session came together at the Warehouse studio when the pair got together to record an acoustic version of the tune and cut the final track at the same time. Both singers laud one another’s ability to nail a number on the first go-round.

Smith said, “Josh wrote everything ‘in-the-style-of’ and had us come in to record, without having the full picture. I’m sure that he did his research on me, because there are some Easter eggs like drinks don’t work/but the drugs might, which feel like they directly apply to me. It’s pretty cool how he just decided to challenge himself to write a bunch of stuff outside of the box.”

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During the start of the pandemic, Ramsay needed something to do while in isolation. He indulged himself by writing songs in as many different genres as possible. 

Aptly titled, The Josh Ramsay Show is a sweeping exploration of musical styles featuring collaborations with a wide range of Canadian singers from across the musical spectrum. The album is a love letter to music as a whole, never sticking to the same genre twice.

The first single, Lady Mine featuring Chad Kroeger, guitarist and lead vocalist of the rock band Nickelback, was released on December 3. Other artists on the album include Fefe Dobson, Ria Mae, JUNO Award winner Serena Ryder, singer and actor Tyler Shaw, sister duo Fionn, his sister Sara Ramsay and DJ Sharkpocalypse.

This isn’t the first time Ramsay has experimented with different musical styles, evident in his twenty-year history with Marianas Trench. The four-piece band first began with the release of their pop punk album, Fix Me in 2006. Second release, Masterpiece Theatre (2009) contained more theatrical elements and instruments while still retaining the punk rock influence of its predecessor. 

Pop-rock offering Ever After (2011) was an hour-long continuous piece of music, with a storyline told through the album’s songs as well as its booklet of a fictionalised Ramsay and his adventures in the fantasy kingdom of Toyland. Astoria (2015) was inspired by 1980s fantasy and adventure films – The Goonies (1985) in particular. Their fifth studio album, Phantoms (2019), saw another new style for the band, going for a more haunted and ghostly like sound.

Ramsay also achieved mainstream success as a songwriter and producer on fellow Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen's No. 1 hit Call Me Maybe (2012). He has collaborated with artists like 5 Seconds of Summer, Anami Vice, Simple Plain, Faber Drive, Danny Fernandes, Belly and Emily Osment too.


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