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Zac Brown takes part in 'I Know What Love Is’ charity collab

10 March 2021 | 2:40 pm | Mallory Arbour

Zac Brown has contributed to I Know What Love Is, an original song created to help support members of the music community through the MusiCares Foundation.

Zac Brown has contributed to I Know What Love Is, an original song created to help support members of the music community through the GRAMMY’s MusiCares Foundation.

Created by co-producer Jay Parkin; writer, co-producer and key performer Keith Goodwin; and audio engineer Gabriel O’Brien, the song is brought to life with Taylor Guitars and more than 54 Taylor artists and contributors including Jason Mraz, KT Tunstall and Alana Springsteen.

Goodwin, from the indie folk band, Good Old War wrote the track thinking about how music is the one thing that has the power to bring people together when they’re forced to be apart. The track invokes a message of solidarity among the music community during a time of great need.

Goodwin says, “During lockdown one of the most challenging things for me was trying to adapt to not having my friends around to play music with. This project really helped keep me focused on making music when everything else in life had changed so drastically. I’m grateful for this opportunity to connect and collaborate with such great artists and for a good cause. We are all lucky to be able to share our love of music together.”

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The artists featured on the song recorded over 200 tracks in total from their home studios from L.A. to Tokyo, and sent it over via email. Each artist also filmed a video of themselves, and that, too, was stitched together to create the music video. The song wasn’t initially going to feature so many artists, but Parkin realised early on in the mixing process that the song could be made even bigger.

Goodwin adds, “We were shooting for a Hey Jude meets We Are the World vibe. The song itself felt good, but this was always about supporting musicians and bringing people together. Once we started reaching out to the music community and began to get the parts back, we started to see how the pieces all fit together to create an anthem of hope for 2021.”

The Nettwerk Music Group, who connects music fans with music makers, and NAMM Foundation, a not-for-profit association with a mission to strengthen the music products industry, are also involved in helping to boost awareness of I Know What Love Is.

Executive Director of The NAMM Foundation, Mary Luehrsen says, “I Know What Love Is offers a message of hope and resilience that through music is a way forward. While we continue to navigate these times for our industry and society, the gift of music is a wellspring that ripples throughout communities and undoubtedly will help those most in need.”

All proceeds from song will benefit MusiCares, an organisation created to provide relief for the artists, musicians, producers, crew, other music industry employees and their families. In addition to material support, MusiCares offers a network of resources related to physical and mental health, including addiction recovery, hearing clinics, and emergency relief.

Visit or check the #iknowwhatloveis hashtag on social media to learn more about the project and support MusiCares.

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