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VIDEO PREMIERE: Rhinestoned Pay Tribute To Jimmy Buffett With 'Margarita Weather'

18 October 2023 | 3:11 pm | Mary Varvaris

"We found ourselves asking ‘What would Jimmy Buffett do?’ throughout the whole process."


Rhinestoned (Source: Supplied)

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Rhinestoned – the new Australian country music trio comprising Kirsty Lee Akers, her husband Jesse Anderson and lead guitarist Dan Ebbels, have shared a poignant new single, Margarita Weather, in tribute to the one and only Jimmy Buffett.

With the trio walking and laying on a beach, strumming guitar and singing, and, of course, holding some delightful-looking margaritas, Rhinestoned honour a legend with a video that radiates sunshine and positivity.

Akers’ vocal is both sweet and commanding, while Anderson is the perfect partner. Ebbels noodles away during the verses and provides a slide-guitar laden solo towards the end. You can watch the music video directed by Anderson and exclusively premiering on Countrytown below.

Margarita Weather is the perfect song for summer. We wrote it with Troy Kemp while in Nashville earlier this year,” Kirsty Lee Akers commented in a press release.

“We were leaving a recording session and got slammed with the hot Tennessee sun when someone said, ‘This feels like margarita weather’, which was a major inspiration for the track.” In bittersweet fashion, Rhinestoned had performed Margarita Weather in the studio before news of Buffett’s passing.

Akers added, “It was funny, we found ourselves asking ‘What would Jimmy Buffett do?’ throughout the whole process.” News of Buffett’s passing came as the trio were mixing Margarita Weather in the studio.

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Rhinestoned are launching Margarita Weather when they take the stage at Groundwater Country Music Festival this Friday, 20 October.

Akers, Anderson and Ebbels revealed news about their supergroup in June.

“For so long now (18 years to be exact), my husband Jesse has been my biggest fan and biggest supporter and always let me shine the brightest with him being the one in the background, backstage, filming my music videos or selling my merch, but its time the world sees just how talented he is also!” Akers wrote on social media

“My guitarist Dan is someone who has been my left-hand man for over 11 years now playing in my band, so the three of us (well, mainly me, and they agreed) decided to start a trio where we could play music together all the time and take it from just jamming out together at home to on the big stage!”