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VIDEO PREMIERE: Christie Lamb – ‘Damn Best’

16 April 2024 | 1:47 pm | Ellie Robinson

The infectious new tune is “all about what it means to be country”.

Christie Lamb

Christie Lamb (Supplied)

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Globetrotting country star Christie Lamb returned earlier this month with Damn Best, an infectious tune that she declared is “all about what it means to be country” – and today (April 16) she’s premiering its music video exclusively on Countrytown.

The clip perfectly encapsulates the energy of Damn Best, with shots of Lamb rocking out to the anthemic tune amid idyllic countryside settings, surrounded by loved ones.

She worked on the clip with Blacklist Productions, noting in a press release that she and the team “wanted to capture the fun of simple country living”. She said of its creation: “We found a retro lakeside caravan in a flower farm and knew it had the feel-good energy we were looking for.”

Take a look at the music video for Damn Best below:

Upon releasing Damn Best on April 5, Lamb explained of the single’s genesis: “It’s about values and how often it’s the simplest things in life that brings us the most joy and make life so much better.” She went on to dedicate Damn Best to “the honest, hardworking, open road loving, everyone’s your mate, kind of country fans”.

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She added: “This song feels like a country anthemic sing along which I really love. I’ve always loved the toe tapping groove of this song and it makes me so excited to know that soon we will be playing it live, bringing it to country music fans who share the same values and country frame of mind as I do.”

Lamb wrote Damn Best on a trip to Nashville last year, linking up with legendary producer Stuart Stuart (best known for his work with the likes of Sheppard, Dean Lewis and Amber Lawrence. She called the experience “one of my favourite co-writes I’ve ever had, as well as the quickest”, explaining: “There was such a good feeling in the air, and I just love the feel good, down to earth vibe of this song.”

Damn Best arrived as Lamb’s first release for 2024, following the standalone single Tipsy in May of 2023.