This Album Changed My Life: Brock Colley on 'Golden Road' by Keith Urban

11 December 2020 | 12:28 pm | Staff Writer

To reacquiant ourselves with Brock Colley, following his first single in 15 years, we've asked him about an album that changed his life.

New South Wales singer-songwriter Brock Colley has released his first new material in fifteen years with his latest single One Kind Of Beautiful. To reacquaint ourselves with Brock, we've asked him to tell us about an album that has changed his life and he's chosen 'Golden Road' by Keith Urban.

I spent the 1st half of my childhood as a Classical Pianist who played some Guitar and was always heavily involved in Sports. I lived in a house with a very diverse range of music that would be playing through a living room stereo almost everyday. Music from Buck Owen's all the way through to Modern Rock and Pop. Because of this, I always had an intrigue in songwriting, playing and production. Over time, my musical influence started leaning toward the Nashville Sound of Country Music and also Modern Pop/Rock and RnB.

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As a musician I would often wonder if someone would jump out of a stereotype and infuse these genres together. To me, right then, that would be musical candy.

I had always enjoyed Keith Urban so I would always keep a keen eye on what he was doing and the music that he would release. Nothing prepared me for when I listened to this album that he had just released called Golden Road. It completely answered my questions of someone daring to jump out of a stereotype and mix my current favourite genres together. It really was musical candy. The Nashville sounding lyrical hooks, the 70's/80's and Modern Rock Guitar licks, and the amazing production that gave the world a complete new sound of music. Thank you Dann Huff, the man that helped Keith Bring that to life in the studio.

Listening to this record completely took me away from the cookie-cutter norm and made me want to write songs for the rest of my life. I was hooked. Still am!

Every now and then when I am running short of ideas whilst writing, I still throw Golden Road on for some inspiration. It helps me to NEVER think of songs one dimensional. There are so many ways to create hooks inside of a song, and I have God and Golden Road to thank for that little piece of revelation.

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