Shannon Noll Teases His Runner-Up Status In New Uber Eats Campaign

6 March 2023 | 1:44 pm | Mallory Arbour

Shannon Noll was runner-up on Australian Idol in 2003.

(Image: via Facebook)

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Shannon Noll is the newest face of Uber Eats’ Get Almost Almost Anything campaign.

The online food ordering and delivery platform has used celebrities like Kris, Kim and Kendall Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Bindi Irwin, Magda Szubanski, Hamish and Andy, Mark Philippoussis, Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart in previous advertisements.

In one Noll’s commercials, he references coming second to Guy Sebastian on the first season of Australian Idol. The video also pays homage to Australian radio presenter and television personality, Abbie Chatfield, who rose to fame as runner-up on the seventh season of The Bachelor Australia.

In the video titled Life In 2nd Place, Noll is sitting on a mustard-coloured couch next to Chatfield.

She says, as she looks down at her mobile phone, “Hey Shannon, I’m on Uber Eats, do you want anything? I’m getting a bottle of rosé.”

Noll looks back at her perplexed. “You can get that?” he asks.

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She responds, “Yeah, you can get almost anything.”  

“What about a time machine?” Noll’s eyes light up. “Go back to 2003 and get some more votes.”

Chatfield replies, “I don’t think so… but how about some tacos?”


Two more Uber Eats advertisements see Noll working out at the gym.

In the first, the voiceover, which represents the inner thoughts of Noll, says, “Oh, with Uber Eats, I can get almost anything… like pens for signing autographs for big country rock music fans.”

Noll then looks over at the woman next to him. He cheerfully looks back at the uninterested woman, who then gives him a courtesy smile and turns away from him.

“Come on, really?” He looks away disappointed. “Must be into hip-hop.”

In the second video, titled ‘Get Swollsie With Nollsie & Uber Eats: get ripped with groceries’, Noll is back at the gym, this time, doing situps while using a kent pumpkin as a body weight. He’s also shown doing curls with soda bottles and swings with a sack of potatoes in the 80s style video.

“You can get almost almost anything on Uber Eats,” he says. “No medicine balls, though.”

Another sees Noll is grooming his signature goatee (or ‘flavour saver’) in the mirror when the doorbell arrives bringing his latest Uber Eats order. The branded bag is placed on a table beside a framed image of the singer-songwriter and a burning candle.

Noll, to camera, says, “My favourite Habanero hot sauce. You can get some pretty intense stuff on Uber Eats, but nothing, as intense at this.” He looks devilishly at the camera. “Mmm, spicy.”



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