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Shane Nicholson Bring New ‘Peachy Keen’ Children’s Album To Life

23 May 2022 | 1:31 pm | Mallory Arbour

The award-winning singer-songwriter and producer says, “It’s been really nice to write some happy songs for a change.”

Shane Nicholson

Shane Nicholson (Image: Supplied)

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Singer-songwriter and producer, Shane Nicholson has been busy helping bring a new educational children’s project to life.

Peachy Keen is a new entertainment brand created by Paul Field, The Cockroaches singer and The Wiggles former long-time manager. Along with his brother John (who wrote over 300 songs for The Wiggles), Field called on a selection of great musicians and singers, including Nicholson, to create the wonderful world of Peachy Keen.

Field told The Today Show's Richard Wilkins three albums have already been recorded. The next two albums – Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes – will be released over the coming months, while work has already begun on the next three albums. 

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Wiggles' mastermind

Paul Field, the mastermind behind the Wiggles, discusses the creative process when making children's music, as well as his new project and brand - 'Peachy Keen'. #9Today

Posted by TODAY on Friday, May 13, 2022

Nicholson wrote on Facebook, “It’s been a lovely change of pace writing songs for this new children’s project, the brainchild of Paul Field. Along with John Field, we’re amassing a huge catalogue of songs to be released, and so far, this is the first album off the blocks – Animal Songs.” He joked, “It’s been really nice to write some happy songs for a change.”

Released on May 13, the album debuted at #1 on the iTunes Children’s Music Charts. The 21-track album features songs like Cowboy Crab, Tea Koalas, Oh Orangutan and My Dinosaur.

Nicholson adds, “As a parent and songwriter, I am as proud of this work as any I’ve done. And was humbled to be part of a project that was striving for such greatness. When someone says, ‘let’s make the best children’s music in the world’, how can you not want to get involved in that? By default, ‘children’s music’ is also ‘parent’s music’, and ‘good music’ works magic for everyone.”

Similarly, Thomas Rhett recently spoke about his idea for a new recorded project, where he would share parenting tips and tricks for new mums and dads.

The father-of-four shared with Big Machine Label Group, “I posted one thing on Instagram last year, of this made-up idea of an album called Parenting, I think it was called, or Dadding. But [I kind of] just encouraged a lot of fans to send me titles of what they think would go on this, and there was like five or 6000 comments of just things that were cracking me up.

I feel like that’d be super fun, you know, just to write from a super self-deprecating point of view of how challenging it is just to parent. Cause I feel like there’s a lot of people out there that would really enjoy listening to a piece of music like that. I think it’d be fun to write an album called Dadding. That’s something that would be intriguing to me, and it also sounds really fun.”

Rhett also posted a hypothetical track listing of songs that would go on his Parenting album, including Eat Your Breakfast, I Think You’re Just Sleepy, Where’d You Learn That Word, Sugar Diet, Please Don’t Draw on the Walls and If I Wake Up at 4AM I Can Workout… Maybe.

Animal Songs is available across all music streaming platforms here.


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