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Sam McClymont Reveals Cancer Battle

24 April 2024 | 5:54 pm | Stephen Green

The McClymonts singer has revealed her personal cancer journey, diagnosed at just 38 years old.

Sam McClymont

Sam McClymont (Supplied)

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Sam McClymont, one third of Australia’s favourite sister act The McClymonts has revealed to fans today that she is in the battle of her life with triple negative breast cancer.

Posting a photo of her undergoing chemo treatment, she said to fans:

Last October, I found a lump. After initially being misdiagnosed, my life completely turned upside down 4 months later when I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer at 38 years old. The world stopped suddenly, and everything that we thought 2024 would be came crashing to an almighty halt. TNBC is the most aggressive form, with only 10-15% of breast cancers being triple negative.

It has become my full-time job having treatment. It has begun with chemotherapy/immunotherapy, which in total will be 5 months, followed by surgery and then radiation. Sometimes, it feels like Groundhog Day when I find myself back at the hospital for my weekly chemo, blood tests and shots.

Friends and family have been incredibly supportive as Ben, the boys, and I navigate our new routine. Feeling like I can’t be the mother and wife I want to be has been the hardest, as there are days I can’t get out of bed. I can’t be ‘Sam McClymont’ as I have cancelled all my work for the year, which also feels like losing a huge part of my identity.

When I am feeling my lowest, I remind myself of something my oncologist told me: ‘Give me a year so you can have 50 more.’ It always gets me through.

Fans and fellow artists have rallied around the singer giving her support, with well wishes from Taylor Moss, Melanie Dyer, Caytlin Shadbolt, Amber Lawrence, Max Jackson and more.

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Sam, the middle of the three McClymont sisters has had a huge career with the band as well as a television career including Getaway and Farmer Wants A Wife. The McClymonts are one of Australia’s most successful country acts with six ARIA nominations and six successful albums, five of them reaching the mainstream ARIA top ten.

Sam was married in 2014 and welcomed two sons in 2017 and 2019. The band’s last album was in 2020 before going on hiatus. She will spend the rest of the year in treatment for her illness, cancelling all work engagements and the entire country community wishes her and her family all the best for a quick recovery.

Everyone is behind you Sam!