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Oliver Anthony To Surprise Drop Debut Album On Easter

30 March 2024 | 10:55 am | Mary Varvaris

Anthony announced the release of 'Hymnal Of A Troubled Man's Mind' on social media.

Oliver Anthony

Oliver Anthony (Source: Supplied)

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Rich Men North Of Richmond star Oliver Anthony (aka Chris Lunsford) has surprised fans by announcing that his debut album, Hymnal Of A Troubled Man's Mind, will be independently released on Easter Sunday (31 March 2024).

The album will feature ten “self-penned” songs, including songs we’ve already heard, such as I’ve Got To Get Sober and I Want To Go Home. Many of the songs were recorded as rough demos straight to his Android phone, with producer Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile, Jason Isbell) helping breathe new life into the tracks.

Making the album announcement extra exciting, Anthony has hinted that the journey certainly won’t stop with Hymnal Of A Troubled Man’s Mind, writing in a comment on Instagram below the caption about his new album, “You will be getting this album, and a lot more, in a short period of time.”

You can pre-order/pre-save Hymnal Of A Troubled Man’s Mind here and read Anthony’s statement about the album below.

Anthony revealed that his upcoming album was complete earlier this month—just in time for his first-ever performance in Australia as part of Queensland’s CMC Rocks festival.

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Anthony revealed plans for the album back in October.

Taking to Instagram, Anthony shared that his debut LP would arrive in early 2024. Like his already-released songs, the album was promised to be a low-key affair “with a few other instruments added”.

Also in October, Anthony celebrated good news outside of music, sharing that his wife was expecting to have a baby boy the following month.

Oliver Anthony’s statement on Hymnal Of A Troubled Man’s Mind (via Instagram):

Hymnal of a Troubled Man’s Mind is the story of my life from 2013 until 2023.

It is intended for the listener to sit down in a quiet place, undistracted and just listen beginning to end. Every lyric, every note, and every everything is intentionally placed.

This album represents the most pure and transparent view inside my heart and soul that I could offer. While Richmond was the song that got my name out in the public, these songs represent the true foundation of the music that got me through life up until now.

In sort of a beautiful and crazy way, nearly all the songs that people listen to outside of the RadioWV session from August of 2023 are those Android recordings I recorded almost immediately after writing each song in 2022-2023.

I felt that it was my responsibility to give a handful of my early written songs the completion they deserve. Now, I can begin releasing my most recent work, without feeling like I skipped an important step.

He added, via the comment section on Instagram:

I appreciate everyone's patience up until this point. I've gotten a lot of stuff done the last three or four months. Time for me to go back to focusing on getting new music out. Draven from radio WV is coming down at the beginning of April to film the next series of brand new stuff. You will be getting this album, and a lot more, in a short period of time.