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Morgan Wallen Previews Unreleased Song

22 February 2024 | 11:09 am | Mary Varvaris

Video footage shows Morgan Wallen sitting on a stool and singing the unreleased song alongside ERNEST and HARDY.

Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen (Source: Supplied)

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Morgan Wallen has previewed an unreleased new song that some fans are already naming Lies, Lies, Lies (based on the song’s lyrics), and it’s sure to become a huge hit.

Joined by country music mates ERNEST and HARDY, Wallen recently performed to an intimate audience in Nashville and took the opportunity to premiere something new.

In video footage shared on the Country Cast Instagram account, the unreleased track is played on acoustic guitar, and Wallen harmonises with his friends mentioned above. The song is a bit of a throwback to Wallen’s most traditional numbers: heartbreak and relatability bathed in charisma and yearning country music storytelling.

The video shows the trio seated on stools, with Wallen singing into a microphone and HARDY and ERNEST on either side of him. At the time of writing, Wallen hasn’t addressed footage surrounding the unreleased song circulating on social media.

You can watch the video below.

In December, Wallen (accidentally?) dropped a surprise new trackI Had Some Help. He tagged Post Malone, ERNEST and producer Charlie Handsome, but the song was deleted almost as quickly as it appeared. The unreleased track was later posted on YouTube.

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Last month, new Morgan Wallen songs hit digital streaming platforms (DSPs), but they landed online without the country star’s permission.

Pleading with fans NOT to listen to the songs, Wallen reiterated that some songs were never meant for public release and hadn’t authorised the project. Wallen took steps to mitigate the fallout, re-recording the lead track Spin You Around quickly after (prior to heading out on a duck hunting trip, no less).

A few weeks ago, Wallen teased another new mystery song – the man simply doesn’t stop.

Anchored just by an acoustic guitar, Wallen detailed a broken-down relationship where both parties claim the other person is the problem, with the Last Night singer sounding confused as he sings through complex emotions.

In what could possibly make Wallen’s next big country single, he sings, “I guess I’m the problem/ You’re miss never do no wrong/ If I’m so awful, then why’d you stick around this long? And if it’s the whiskey, then why do you keep on pullin’ it off the shelf? You hate that when you look at me/ You halfway see yourself”.