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Morgan Wade Reveals She Has Tourette Syndrome: “Just Think Before You Judge”

30 June 2023 | 11:22 am | Mallory Arbour

"Shoutout to all those dealing with Tourette’s and living with it every single day.”

Morgan Wade

Morgan Wade (Image: via Facebook)

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Morgan Wade has revealed that she has Tourette Syndrome.

She wrote on her Instagram, “Keeping this short and sweet- if you see me shaking my head a lot, I have Tourette’s. Some folks genuinely ask- others like to troll me, is what it is. I make weird faces and noises sometimes and my head shakes. So just think before you judge.”

Wade added, “The tics aren’t constant. If I am anxious, nervous, upset that can increase the intensity. But sometimes the tics start out of nowhere. Generally, when I’m on stage and moving you aren’t going to see my head tics. But again - there isn’t a set time or duration for the tics. They just happen. Shoutout to all those dealing with Tourette’s and living with it every single day.”

According to the Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia website, “Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder which most often begins between the ages of 2 and 21 and lasts throughout life. TS is NOT degenerative, and people with TS can expect to live a typical life span.”

The news comes just days after Lewis Capaldi called off the rest of his 2023 tour to “adjust to the impact” of his Tourette’s. 

“I’m very sorry to let you know I’m going to be taking a break from touring for the foreseeable future,” he wrote. “…I need to spend much more time getting my mental and physical health in order, so I can keep doing everything I love for a long time to come.”

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Upon revealing his diagnosis last year, Capaldi said his treatments included getting Botox in his shoulder to control the unwanted movements. He also said he experiences the tics “all the time” – even while performing.








Last month, Wade revealed she’s also set to undergo a double mastectomy later this year. She shared on social media, “I’ll go in depth later, but I was diagnosed with the RAD51D gene a while back. In November I’ll undergo a double mastectomy as a preventative.”

Wade continued, “Women with a RAD51D mutation have about a 10-20 percent lifetime risk for ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer (these three cancers and their risks are related and are often referred to together as ovarian cancer). Women with a RAD51D mutation have about a 20-40 percent lifetime risk for breast cancer with a tendency for triple-negative breast cancer.”

Wade is set to release her new album, Psychopath on August 25. The 13-track album is the follow-up from her debut album Reckless, released in 2021, as well as the deluxe edition from the following year which featured an additional six songs.

“With Psychopath, we’ve done a really good job of moving on from Reckless, to the next stage without it being so crazy different. I’m excited, every song on there has its own sound and is completely different,” she said. “[The album] goes into where I’m at in life right now. Which is so busy. It’s about growing up and being older, and starting to feel like, ‘Is it time to settle down?’ I think you’ll see a lot of that on the record.”

Since the release of Reckless, Wade also dropped two holiday singles (I’ll Be Home For Christmas and Santa Claus Is Back In Town), the Acoustic Sessions EP (2022) and The Night: The Collection (2023).


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