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Miranda Lambert Announces New Album ‘Palomino’

11 March 2022 | 10:41 am | Mallory Arbour

'Palomino' sees Miranda Lambert rehash The Marfa Tapes track 'Geraldene', collaborate with The B-52’s and cover Mick Jagger’s 'Wandering Spirit', the title track from his 1993 solo album.

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Miranda Lambert will drop her next album on April 29. Titled Palomino, the 15-track release will be the 2022 ACM Entertainer of the Year’s first solo album since 2019’s GRAMMY-winning, Wildcard.

Lambert says, "The making of this record has been one of the most fun and creative experiences of my career. Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby and I went out to my farm in Tennessee in 2020 and started writing songs. We figured while we have time, let's go out to the country and see what happens. The first one we wrote was Tourist and that set us on a path to create something with a bit of a theme. Since we couldn't travel at the time, we decided to go on a journey through songs. I hope y'all are ready to travel with us wandering spirits and meet some cool characters with great stories." 

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In addition to the album announcement, she has released the single Strange, as well as an accompanying video. The song follows her current radio single, If I Was A Cowboy, which has had over 52 million streams worldwide, and the track Y’all Means All, which is the inclusive anthem on Netflix’s new season of Queer Eye.

Of the new song Strange, she told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 that it was written with Hemby and Dick at her farm in 2020.

"We were talking about all the strangeness going on in the world at the time," she said. "So we kind of wrote it towards addressing some heavy things, but mostly we want people to take away from this song to be lighter on their feet and take a breath and play a song and do a dance and maybe fly somewhere fun, just kind of escape from a reality that isn't too good."

She added, "I hope people love this song, and I think we really brought it to life on the record. When I hear it, it makes me feel good and it has such a sing-along chorus. So I hope y'all feel good."

In addition, Palomino will also see Lambert rehash The Marfa Tapes track Geraldene, collaborate with The B-52’s and cover Mick Jagger’s Wandering Spirit.

In February, Lambert told Billboard the new album was finished and different than anything she’d done before.

“We are finished and now we’re just tying the bows on all that stuff. I really got to hone in on this project because we wrote most of it in 2020,” she told the publication. “There are very few writers on this project. Cowboy is the first peek of that. I think that was the last one I wrote for this project and the first one we released. [The album] has a vibe and it’s different than I’ve ever done, but it’s obviously still me. When I sing, it’s straight-up country, no matter which way I twist it. But yeah, it’s got a bit of a thing to it, that’s all I’ll say.”

Over the past year, Lambert has released the acclaimed acoustic album, The Marfa Tapes with Jon Randall and Jack Ingram and her duet with Elle King, Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home).

Palomino track list:

1. “Actin’ Up” (Miranda Lambert, Luke Dick, Jon Randall)
2. “Scenes” (Miranda Lambert, Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby)
3. “In His Arms” (Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, Jon Randall)
4. “Geraldene” (Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, Jon Randall)
5. “Tourist” (Miranda Lambert, Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby)
6. “Music City Queen” feat. The B-52’s (Miranda Lambert, Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby)
7. “Strange” (Miranda Lambert, Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby)
8. “Wandering Spirit” (Mick Jagger, James Rippeto)
9. “I’ll Be Lovin’ You” (Miranda Lambert, Luke Dick, Jon Randall)
10. “That’s What Makes the Jukebox Play” (Miranda Lambert, Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby)
11. “Country Money” (Miranda Lambert, Aaron Raitiere, Mikey Reaves)
12. “If I Was a Cowboy” (Miranda Lambert, Jesse Frasure)
13. “Waxahachie” (Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, Jon Randall)
14. “Pursuit of Happiness” (Miranda Lambert, Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby)
 15. “Carousel” (Miranda Lambert, Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby)


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