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Melanie Dyer Announces New Album ‘Between You & Me’

8 August 2022 | 10:52 am | Mallory Arbour

'Between You & Me' is set for release on September 9.

Melanie Dyer

Melanie Dyer (Image: Supplied)

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Following the release of emotionally charged new single, Cheating On Me, Melanie Dyer has announced her second album Between You & Me, set for release on September 9.

Between You & Me follows Dyer’s debut album Fresh, released in 2017, and a string of successful tracks that have continued her amazing momentum. One of the album’s highlights, Memphis T-Shirt, was released in September 2019 and instantly became the summer country smash of 2019/20 spending 6 weeks at #1 and crossing over to contemporary hit radio in Australia. The song also received a coveted APRA nomination for ‘The Most Performed Country Work’ in 2021.

In July 2021, Dyer signed a new partnership with ABC Music. Her first single with the label Run Out Of Road dropped in September 2021 and was another track that again took her to the upper echelons of the country airplay chart, making the top 50 list of most played songs on country radio for the first half of this year. Run Out Of Road was also the beginning of a new partnership with producer Peter Holz, who has produced half of the Between You & Me album.

One of the songs, Dyer stumbled upon in her voice memos during the pandemic was Cheap Moscato, a fun pop-embellished track that highlights her playful on and off-stage personality.

Dyer says, “The concept for Cheap Moscato came to me about 5 years ago and I still have a voice memo of the original recording on my phone. It's a song that I tested a few times at gigs over the years and felt always connected really well with the crowd – especially women. I revisited the song recently with Rory Grounds in Sydney and I then co-produced the song alongside Pat Byrne and Peter Holz (who also produced Run Out Of Road).”

She adds, “The song was as fun to record as it was to write. Having a big part in the production was important to me and gave the song that female touch that it called for. Stacking the vocal harmonies and building the track layer by layer lead us to a song that's playful, fun and a little flirty, like the way Moscato tastes.”

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The catchy single collaboration Dumb Decisions, penned with good mate and fellow country-pop artist, Caitlyn Shadbolt, is another highlight on the record.

Dyer says, “I’ve been great friends with Caitlyn for a long time and we’ve made so many memories on and off the road together. It was so much fun writing and recording this song. We ended up having to record our vocals separately because we couldn’t stop laughing in the studio. The song is about not taking life too seriously, reminiscing on the good times and making memories with your best friends.”

Up until now, fans have known Dyer as the artist who delivers fun, carefree songs that get stuck in your head! However, latest single Cheating On Me shows another side to Dyer – demonstrating her raw self, vocal ability and her gift as a songwriter, drawing on a further session with her Memphis T-Shirt co-writers (Karen Kosowski and Emma-Lee).

She explains, “I knew this song would be my hardest to write and I realised I needed to take my time to really sit with my emotions to understand what it was that I needed to say. While this song is my most personal yet, I feel like it’s also relatable for so many people. for anyone whose lost themselves, whether that’s in a relationship or situation where they haven’t been true to themselves. It’s about leaving someone to be with yourself.”


1.  Glass Houses
2. Cheap Moscato
3. Between You & Me (with Troy Cartwright)
4. Run Out Of Road
5. Cheating On Me
6. Magic
7. 20s
8. Dumb Decisions (with Caitlyn Shadbolt)
9. Memphis T-Shirt *CD Only
 10. What You Didn’t Say


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