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Luke Bryan Reacts To An A.I. Generated Country Song

20 April 2023 | 2:15 pm | Mallory Arbour

“The problem with me is I’m scared it may actually be better than the stuff I’m written.”

(Image: via Facebook)

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During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Luke Bryan reacted to an A.I.-generated country song. The song was manufactured by a chatbot in the style of Bryan’s music.

Kimmel asks, “Are you worried at all about this A.I. music stuff? I was curious and I was thinking, well, you can do that with pop music, dance music. I don’t know if you can do it with country.”

Bryan laughs, “The problem with me is I’m scared it may actually be better than the stuff I’m written.”

 “It’s a real fear, I think.” Kimmel adds, “The thing is you can’t just tell a computer to do it yet, although I’m sure that’s coming but it’s kind of a combination of things. But this is a largely generated by artificial intelligence Luke Bryan song.”

Bryan shivers. "This'll be interesting. Guarantee you a beer'll be in there," he says.

The song’s lyrics go: “Driving down these back roads / just me and my ol’ guitar / tryin’ to find my way back home / but it seems so very far / I’m just a small-town boy / livin’ in this crazy world / but I’ll keep on singin’ my songs / and lettin’ my voice be heard.” 

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“It’s not that good,” Kimmel says after the song is played. “But a little too close for comfort.”

Bryan laughs, “I think I’m okay for now on the A.I… the problem is if I really sound like that, yeah, [having a 31st number one hit] will not happen.”

Additionally, Bryan also speaks about having thirty #1 hits, listening to his own music on the radio, hearing a song of his playing in a Tractor Supply, taking his nephew to Vegas for his 21st birthday, meeting Huey Lewis backstage, his sixth year on American Idol, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie getting the invite to perform at King Charles’ Coronation, being friends with Blake Shelton, and his mum posting a picture of him dressed up as a cheerleader in high school.


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