Luke Bryan fires back against haters who claim he ruined Country Music

12 August 2020 | 11:32 am | Staff Writer

After releasing his new album, Luke Bryan has fired back at haters who claim he ruined country music.

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After releasing his new album 'Born Here, Live Here, Die Here' on Friday, Play It Again singer Luke Bryan has fired back at haters who claim he ruined country music in a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune.

The American Idol judge known for his diplomatic phrasing in conversation and his forward-thinking blend of genres in his music, started his blast at haters with a background on where his music began.

"Let me paint the picture; I'm a small-town kid , and somehow I listened to Alan Jackson, N.W.A, the Beastie Boys, Garth Brooks and Heavy D & the Boyz. I think my generation, as far as being a country kid, was one of the first to have these forms of music really start integrating," said Luke Bryan.

"I would go play college bars, honky-tonks - a thousand people dancing, partying their ass off, spraying beer and the second I got offstage, the DJ would play the biggest hip-hop songs in the world, and everybody wearing cowboy hats and cowboy boots and Wranglers with dip rings, they were all out there grinding and humping one another. And nobody ever had a problem with it."

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Luke Bryan didn't intend to join the new crop of country starts pushing the envelop forward in terms of the inclusion of different styles in country music, but now that he's a part of it all, he's not backing down.

"But I didn't know I was gonna open up another avenue. And you know what? There'll always be people who say I ruined country music. But I was driving home from downtown Nashville yesterday and I heard Kane Brown on pop radio with Swae Lee and Khalid. I'm like, 'that's interesting'."

Luke Bryan's new album 'Born Here Live Here Die Here' features ten tracks including his latest singles, Knockin' Boots, What She Wants Tonight and his latest #1 hit, One Margarita. Other songs released ahead of the full album include the title track, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here and Build Me A Daddy.

Along with the full album release, Bryan also shared the new music video for the title track, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here.