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Legendary Country Rockers The Krui3ers Announce Vinyl Reissue For 'Rebel Child'

29 March 2023 | 9:22 am | Mary Varvaris

The country and rock music on display is energetic and distinct to The Krui3ers.

(Pic by Sarah Landro)

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Legendary Kimberley country-rockers The Krui3ers are releasing a vinyl reissue of their album Rebel Child, which was originally released in August last year.

Rebel Child is about connection to family and Kallem Mungulu’s life in the Kimberley region. The record includes special guests Nick Allbrook, vocalist from Pond, and Carla Geneve, lending sweet backing vocals to the stories of old town. It was the first time that Allbrook had ever produced an album for another band.

The vinyl reissue is limited, with just 300 copies up for grabs.

“Most of our songs were written out bush. We got inspiration for all our songs from Yaloon, our Country, saltwater country. I feel there is more to write about our own Country rather than Mowanjum, but there are still songs about Mowanjum," Mungulu revealed in a statement.

"Settled at Last is about how we were moved, our old people were moved five times from our country in the early 1900’s. Mowanjum means ‘settled at last’ in Worrorra language."

The Fremantle Arts Centre added, “Descendants of the renowned Mowanjum band Gulingi Nunga, [The Krui3ers] employ a high energy country rock style to tell stories of their Country and their old people.”

The country and rock music on display is energetic and distinct to The Krui3ers.

Mungulu said of their connection to Guilingi Nunga, and the history of music in the Mowanjum area: “We learned music from Gulingi Nunga, they are our family and mob, we call them our uncles, the lot of us. Their music is important to the Mowanjum Community, they share stories from our old people, and we carry that on.

“Our bands are a representation of our community. The bands and community are not separate things; even the name ‘Gulingi Nunga’ (rain coming) was given by the old people. For us and for other bands, members come and go, but the band is the community identity.”

Pre-order your limited-edition vinyl from Music In Exile before its release on Friday, 12 May, here.