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Jeremy Minett Parts Ways With The Viper Creek Band After 7 Years

31 January 2023 | 11:15 am | Staff Writer

Jeremy Minett’s final VCB show will be on March 31.

(Image: via Instagram)

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Guitarist Jeremy Minett announced yesterday that he is parting ways with The Viper Creek Band after seven years.

Minett wrote on Instagram, “It’s a very bittersweet feeling! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to The Viper Creek Band [and frontman] Damien Baguley for taking a punt on a kid who was hungry to play country music, push himself and travel the world having money can’t buy experiences with the best bunch of people!”

He continued, “Early on in my VCB days, I definitely had a sense of imposter syndrome, feeling like there was no way I was up to the standard of the monster guitar players that have been through the band before me, but I feel like I found my stride over the years and being in the band has without doubt shaped who I am both as a person and a musician!”

Moving forward, Minett plans to focus on his photography/videography business as well as play shows with his wife, 2022 Toyota Star Maker winner Max Jackson.

Minett said, “I’m very, very excited for the future as I continue to push myself as a video maker with Eyes + Ears Creative and see how far I can take it and of course putting my full brain power into being out there on the road with Max Jackson!! I may even get the chance to share the stage with other artists and play some fresh new music. Who knows, but there’s only one way to find out!”

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The Viper Creek Band also announced the new addition of Beau Hatch, in a social media photoshoot that includes an image of them pushing Minett out of the band in jest.

“Beau has been performing with many different Australian country artists over the past few years and we are looking forward to having him onstage with us,” they shared.

Minett’s final VCB show will be the double headliner with Hurricane Fall on March 31. More information can be found via Fall Creek Live at the X - The Exchange Hotel.


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