Jason Aldean ‘Calling Bullsh*t’ On Joe Biden

2 July 2024 | 6:59 pm | Ellie Robinson

It’s no secret who Jason Aldean will be voting for in this year’s Presidential election...

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Jason Aldean has made it clear who he’s supporting in the upcoming Presidential election, cracking jokes about Joe Biden during a recent performance.

The comments came during Aldean’s performance at last Friday’s (June 28) Rock The Country festival in Missouri, where he addressed last week’s Presidential debate between Biden – the current US President and frontrunner for the Democratic Party in this year’s election – and the current Republican frontrunner, twice-impeached former President (and convicted felon) Donald Trump.

Specifically, Aldean was unconvinced by a comment Biden made about golfing, quipping to his crowd: “I'm assuming most of you guys probably play golf. The biggest issue I had was Biden saying he was a six handicap. I'm calling bullshit. Clearly that's the least of his worries, but...”

Aldean went on to claim that Biden’s team asked for permission to use his song Flyover States during the 2020 Presidential campaign, saying he shot them down by replying, “Nah, man, I don’t think so.”


Standing on business here in Poplar Bluff. The amount of TRUMP HATS ive seen…. YESSSS @Jason Aldean @rockthecountry

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Just last month, Aldean polarised fans with a pro-Trump rant on social media; supposedly believing Trump should be above the law, Aldean claimed it was a “scary time in our country” after the former President was found guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records.

Aldean himself is no stranger to political controversy. Last year, he blamed “cancel culture” for the backlash he faced over the single Try That In A Country Town.

Meanwhile, Aldean revealed just this week that he had to be talked into releasing one of his biggest hits, Big Green Tractor, and he certainly didn’t anticipate the level of success it had in 2009.