Is Hinterland Going Line Dancing Viral?

22 July 2023 | 11:53 am | Mary Varvaris

Hinterland have gone viral on YouTube and TikTok after Spanish line-dancing teacher Pol. F Ryan choreographed 'The Check In', a routine to the Aussie band’s song.


Hinterland (Source: Supplied)

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In July 2022, Gold Coast outfit Hinterland released the gorgeous, violin-led single, Stay In Your Lane.

Stay In Your Lane is about focusing on your own journey and success, not comparing yourself to others,” vocalist Jesse Emmanuel said about the group’s sixth single in an exclusive Countrytown premiere.

She continued, “I think we’re all guilty of it from time to time, and often we overlook our own wins and don’t give ourselves enough credit if we aren’t kicking the same goals as someone else. But everyone is on a different path and has a unique story.” 

It turns out that Hinterland have since kicked some out-of-the-ordinary goals, with Stay In Your Lane going viral on YouTube and TikTok after Spanish line-dancing teacher Pol. F Ryan choreographed a routine to the Aussie band’s song. The dance is called ‘The Check In’ and has avid line dancers across the world giving it a go.

“So here’s a crazy thing! Stay In Your Lane is being taught in line dancing communities all over the world,” Emmanuel wrote on Facebook this week.

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“Apparently, it’s particularly big in Italy, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. Cover bands are playing it. There’s heaps of videos like this on the web. If this isn’t the coolest thing ever!!???!?!”

Emmanuel then linked to a YouTube video posted by Line Dance Street as the group line-danced to Stay In Your Lane in Palooza Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can find videos of Pol. F Ryan teaching the dance and further viral moments below.

Emmanuel also told Countrytown about Stay In Your Lane, “We have so many influences and such an appreciation of all the sub-genres of country like traditional, acoustic, singer-songwriter as well as the rock and pop of the contemporary styles.

“With Stay In Your Lane, we wanted to achieve that catchy sing-along chorus melody with our three-part harmonies and then integrate those western guitar sounds, pedal steel and fiddle.” 

Since forming the band in 2021, Emmanuel - the daughter of legendary guitar player Phil Emmanuel, three-time Golden Fiddle Award winner Rachel Bostock and National Songwriting Award winner Robbie Bostock have released numerous radio and festival-ready country singles that have connected with audiences globally.