Gabby Barrett Turns Down Duets For Her Husband

23 December 2023 | 6:42 pm | Stephen Green

"I respect him and love him so much that I’m not going to jeopardize my marriage to do a duet with somebody"

Gabby Barrett

Gabby Barrett (Supplied)

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US country star Gabby Barrett has revealed that she and her husband Cade Foehner have turned down big-name duets to ensure their marriage doesn’t suffer.

Speaking with the Unexpected With Hannah Love podcast Barrett explained that she’s not willing to put anything before her man and that she does not take career opportunities without his blessing.

“I won’t get into specific songs, but there’s been large song opportunities that have come in for me to do an add-on or be a part of and something between myself and my husband and I respect him a ton and I listen to what he has to say and I think he deserves that.”

“And there’s been songs that are just not appropriate to sing wording-wise. Like, these love songs that are really intimate. When you accept a song, there’s obligations that go along with it, that you could sing it on award shows together, you might be doing interviews together. What does that look like on the stage? What does that dynamic look like? If I’m singing with another man, is that going to make my husband uncomfortable? Probably.”

“I respect him and love him so much that I’m not going to jeopardize my marriage to do a duet with somebody, you know? Like, I care about this a lot more and I pray and hope and know that God will bless my efforts in trying to keep my marriage straight, and not just for a duet or whatever it is.”

Barrett and Foehner met when they were both contestants on American Idol and now have two children together with one about to arrive.

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Online commentary hasn’t been kind to the Barrett interview with many rejecting the suggestion that permission should be sought or granted by a relationship partner.

“Gabby Barrett’s husband is an insecure controlling freak and this is actually terrifying that he won’t allow her to collab with male artists due to his own insecurities”, said one. “What century is this? How is this endearing? How can anyone find this charming or romantic?” said another.

Barrett will also be dropping a new album on February 2nd called Chapter and Verse featuring collaborations with Luke Combs and Miranda Lambert.