Fight Begins Outside Porta-Potties At Morgan Wallen Gig

2 September 2023 | 10:17 am | Mary Varvaris

No arrests were made following the public (and now viral) brawl posted online.

Morgan Wallen, fans brawling

Morgan Wallen, fans brawling (Source: Supplied, Twitter)

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On Wednesday (30 August), a fight broke out at Morgan Wallen’s show at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park and interrupted people who just wanted to use the porta potties.

Looking at the footage below, the brawl began after one woman accused another of pushing in line to get to the portable toilets.

After some words were exchanged, the pair began pushing and shoving each other, with one woman getting forced into one of the toilet stalls as an innocent bystander looked on and hurried out of the toilet.

It didn’t take long for more people to get involved, as a woman wearing white cowboy boots stepped onto the scene and violently attacked two women. Eventually, the fight was broken up by security guards.

The Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety revealed that no arrests were made following the public (and now viral) brawl posted online by Barstool Sports, but there were “plenty of ejections for intoxication,” a representative for the Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety told Billboard.

The representative added, “If anyone wants to file a police report, they can do so at any time.”

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In March, Wallen was hit by a cup of beer thrown by a punter at Rod Laver Arena as part of the Australian leg of his world tour. Wallen was not amused – addressing the perpetrators, he said, “One of y'all own up to it, or I'm gonna throw your whole fucking group out.” He then ordered the individual to be escorted from the show. 

Earlier this week, Countrytown reported that Wallen may be opening a bar and music venue in Nashville.

The Last Night singer reportedly teamed up with TC Restaurant Group and purchased a parking lot at 107 Fourth Ave in Nashville for $10 million in 2022. Wallen is seemingly looking to open a live music venue and bar at that address.

The $10 million parking lot is poised to become a six-storey building, not just for live music and having a good time but also for a gift shop and a rooftop entertainment area. If Wallen does open a bar and music venue in Nashville, the space will be situated behind Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row.