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Drake Milligan Sets September 15 For Debut Album ‘Dallas/Fort Worth’

9 August 2022 | 11:37 am | Mallory Arbour

'Dallas/Fort Worth' is set for release on September 15.

Drake Milligan

Drake Milligan (Image: Supplied/Joseph Llanes)

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Drake Milligan is bringing neon thrills back to country music, announcing his full-length album debut Dallas/Fort Worth

Set for release on September 15 and named after the young Texan’s hometown, the project finds a next-generation traditionalist mixing timeless sounds and right-now energy – and giving Texas twang a much-needed shot in the arm.

Featuring 14 tracks produced by Tony Brown and songwriter/producer Brandon Hood, double-barrelled baritone vocals match electrifying honky-tonk hooks, Western swing two-steppers, country pop balladry and more, as Milligan uncorks exuberant themes of trouble-making fun, young romance, life-sustaining love and more. Under his watch, country’s metaphorical saloon doors swing open once more.

"As a lifelong country music fan, it has been my dream make a full-length record that pays homage to traditional country roots, while still bringing new sounds and energy to the genre," says Milligan.

"As a native son of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I’ve always been intrigued by the difference between the two cities. First there’s Dallas: a city determined to prove that everything really is bigger in Texas. Then, just 30 miles to the west, there’s Fort Worth: a city that holds true to its Stockyard roots with a taut rope around its cowboy brand. My goal was to bring those same distinctions to the two parts of this album. On Dallas, the songs have a little more polish on their boots. On Fort Worth, there are nods to those traditional Honky-Tonkin’, Western swingin’, cowboy culture roots that I’m based in.”

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Soulful beyond his years but still full of devil-may-care swagger, Milligan’s full-length debut follows his Tony Brown/Brandon Hood-produced 2021 self-titled EP. Landing at #1 on the iTunes Country Album chart, the project also featured the #1 iTunes Country Single Sounds Like Something I’d Do – which in turn spawned a music video which topped the iTunes Video chart.

Meanwhile, Milligan has been out on the road building a rabid fanbase, finishing a successful run in Southern California and earning rave reviews with a national-TV triumph. Back in June, the budding superstar made a splash on America’s Got Talent, performing the rowdy Sounds Like Something I’d Do to a standing ovation from show creator Simon Cowell and his fellow judges.

Dallas/Fort Worth Tracklist: 

1. “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” (Drake Milligan/Brett Beavers/Terry McBride)
2. “Kiss Goodbye All Night” (Drake Milligan/Brandon Hood/ Josh Jenkins/Phil O’Donnell)
3. “Hating Everything She Tries On" (Drake Milligan/Brent Anderson/Lynn Hutton)
4. “She” (Drake Milligan/Brandon Hood/John Pierce)
5. “Bad Day To Be A Beer” (Drake Milligan/Marv Green/JT Harding)
6. “Hearts Don’t Break Even” (Drake Milligan/Brandon Hood/Liz Rose)
7. "Dance Of A Lifetime” (Drake Milligan/Brandon Hood/Phil O’Donnell)
8. “Over Drinkin’ Under Thinkin’” (Drake Milligan/Brice Long/Brett Beavers)
9. “Tipping Point” (Drake Milligan/Brandon Hood/Terry McBride/Josh London)
10. “Don’t Look Down” (Drake Milligan/Brandon Hood/John Pierce)
11. “Goin’ Down Swingin’” (Drake Milligan/Brandon Hood/Phil O’Donnell
12. “Save It For A Sunny Day” (Drake Milligan/Marv Green/Tim Nichols)
13. “Long Haul” (Drake Milligan/Brandon Hood/Bob DiPIero
 14. “Cowboy Kind Of Way” (Drake Milligan/Brandon Hood/Terry McBride)


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