Colt Ford And Bryan Martin Collaborate On New Single Honouring Mental Health Awareness Month

31 May 2023 | 12:03 pm | Mallory Arbour

“I just know this song has a chance to save somebody’s life and that’s a big deal.”

Colt Ford

Colt Ford (Image: Supplied/Eric Irvin)

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In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month, Colt Ford and Bryan Martin have released an empowering single titled Help, a soothing ballad that encourages others to seek help when faced with hard times.

“I just know this song has a chance to save somebody’s life and that’s a big deal,” Ford explains.

The acoustic performance is coupled with an interview with the labelmates detailing their personal hardships and giving advice on actions to take when dealing with mental instability.

Martin says in the interview, “We've both been in the dark and we've been in the light and, even in a big light or whatever, we're still sometimes in the shadows in our mind. I think a lot of people need to see that there's still a lot of deep and dark stuff that happens with us every day.”

Ford adds, “It’s easy to see us on stage and playing and smiling and having fun and everybody's partying and drinking. It's hard to imagine standing on the stage in front of five, ten [or] twenty thousand people and still feeling alone.

“I've dealt with some stuff. I went through a divorce. I've battled different problems and most people would never know because I put the smile on and I'm happy… I want to give everybody that, but I mean there are times where I've been pretty down to the point of checking out for real.”

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“Addiction and mental health isn’t talked about enough. We’ve got to talk about it more, we’ve got to bring it to the light,” pleads Ford. “It doesn't matter who you are, what you do, where you’re from, or what your circumstances are; if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask somebody.”

Watch the full video below or via the link here.

Additionally, Ford’s latest album, Must Be The Country, dropped on May 19. The 24-track collection features previously released hits as well as brand new singles with features from Tracy Lawrence, Brantley Gilbert, Dillon Carmichael, Sam Grow, Tracy Byrd, and more.

The album, which is Ford’s first full length project in three years, took shape while battling eye cancer and recovering from an intensive surgery to remove the tumour. Following his successful fight against cancer, Ford has been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disorder that destroys neuromuscular connections and affects the muscles in the face. Despite his recent struggle with personal health, Ford has exhibited his enduring human spirit and continues to tour the nation as well as write and record new projects slated for release later this year.

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