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CMC 'Cinderella' As Volunteer Searches For Prince

24 September 2022 | 1:43 pm | Staff Writer

"He just put a smile on my face with our sweet banter"

Help Vicki Bates find her man

Help Vicki Bates find her man

Love is in the air at CMC Rocks this weekend, with our very own Cinderella story unfolding. And YOU might be the key to find the Prince. 

Big events like CMC only work because of the generosity of volunteers. Volunteers like Vicki Bates

She was on the main gate, checking tickets and wristbands on Friday afternoon, when cupid decided to pay a visit. She looked at him. He looked at her. But then he went into the festival and it wasn't until later that evening Vicki decided to take to social media to try to reconnect with her prince. 

"I saw many people but one in particular grabbed my attention - a handsome guy with kind eyes visited me because his wrist band was too tight," she said. "I was the girl in the pink top and you made me blush with your sweet compliments."

Vicki hopes her mystery man had the same feels as she did and is hoping that while he didn't leave a shoe, that modern technology can bridge the Cinderella gap. 

"Definitely long shot but I’ll kick myself if I don’t at least try," her post read. 

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Countrytown got on the case with Vicki providing some more details: 

"I'm half embarrassed but I’ve been single a long time and he just put a smile on my face with our sweet banter," she explained. "He was wearing a red cap from memory. He told me he was one of those silly people who pulled on there wrist band and made it too tight." 

"He looked really young but he was saying all these lovely things, I told him that it was sweet but “I’m an old lady” he said I wasn’t, I told him I was 40 and he said he was a little older. And then I had a line full of people and he left."

Vicki hopes that the mysterious potential suitor is still at the festival site and might be ready for a crack at romance. 

Are you our mystery man? If you are, Vicki is waiting for you at the CMC Rocks Facebook Group or drop us a line here and we're happy to play cupid!