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Chad Morgan Shares Health Update

2 November 2023 | 4:05 pm | Mary Varvaris

"I am hoping the day will come when I can work again."

Chad Morgan

Chad Morgan (Source: 'Chad Morgan: 70 Years In The Making' book cover by Anna Rose)

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Country music legend Chad Morgan has shared a health update with fans, revealing that he’s had to cancel a run of Tamworth shows due to ill health.

“Yesterday, I made one of the hardest decisions in my life. I rang my longtime friend and agent in Tamworth, Mike Vee, to tell him that due to ill health, I would have to cancel all my upcoming shows in Tamworth,” Morgan wrote in a Facebook post on Monday night (30 October).

“I am going to miss all my friends who have come just to see me for more years than I can remember, from the Town Hall for the late John Minson to the Sportsmens Club for Terry Gordon to the great old Loco hotel, to the Shopping Centre, where the manager and owner have treated me like Royalty over the many years I have performed there!”

Morgan continued, “Thank you, everybody, so much for the support and friendship, which to this day still makes me feel not only blessed but also very humble; I am hoping the day will come when I can work again, still seventy-one years of recording and performing isn't too bad. Thank you, Everyone. The Sheik.”

We hope that Chad Morgan is doing better soon.

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Thank you to all the amazing people who have wished me well! It is so much appreciated! I just can’t wait until I am able to get back to doing what I love most! Entertaining.🎸🌹💜👋🤪xxxx

Posted by Chad Morgan on Monday, October 30, 2023

The 90-year-old Australian singer has been a fixture of the country music scene since the 1950s, with his charmingly vibrant country and Western folk songs winning fans over the decades. He’s toured extensively throughout his career, including with The Slim Dusty Show.

Morgan’s influence in Australia knows no bounds, having inspired Col Elliott, John Williamson and Barry Humphries (Dame Edna) in their respective careers. 2023 marks his 71st year touring across Australia.

Last year, Morgan scored his very first biography, written by author Anna Rose. Chad Morgan: Seventy Years In The Making took two years for Rose to write, with the author describing the laughter, tears and music from her interview sessions with Morgan.

Check out the book synopsis below and order your copy here.

The 271-page tome covers Chad’s dirt-poor childhood through to fame and (not so much) fortune on Australia’s Amateur Hour, arguably the most successful runner-up in the history of the long-running national radio talent search. It then follows his life to the present day. What that entails, well, you’ll have to read all about it! There are hundreds of photographs contributed by some of the nation’s finest lensmen and women and many other family- or fan-captured snaps. There are a few rare pictures of the Morgan clan which aren’t the sharpest but mean the world to Chad.

The book could easily have been twice the size with the stories you could have related about Chad’s life and times, some good and others not what you’d call flattering. As The Sheik says: “People will talk about me when I’m gone, but I don’t care. I’ll be dead! They can say what they like.” Endless research has failed to uncover another artist anywhere in the world who has recorded, toured and performed continuously for a 70-year period, so the Sheik is still breaking records at almost 90.