Cassadee Pope And Maren Morris Call Out Jason Aldean’s Wife For Alleged Transphobia

30 August 2022 | 1:23 pm | Staff Writer

Ryan Hurd, Brandi Carlile, Mickey Guyton, Lindsay Ell and more have also rallied around Pope and Morris.

Maren Morris

Maren Morris (Image: via Facebook)

Country stars Cassadee Pope and Maren Morris are speaking out against comments made by fellow country singer Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany Aldean that some have deemed transphobic.

On Wednesday, August 24, Brittany shared an Instagram video of herself putting on makeup to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Upgrade U. In the caption, she wrote, “I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase. I love this girly life.”

Aldean left a laughing emoji in the comments and replied, “Lmao!! I’m glad they didn’t too, cause you and I wouldn’t have worked out.”

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Country singer RaeLynn, as well as the wives of country singers Jon Pardi, Shay Mooney and Granger Smith were among those to leave comments showing support on Brittany’s posts. 

But elsewhere, country stars slammed Brittany.

On Friday, Pope took to Twitter, writing, “You’d think celebs with beauty brands would see the positives in including LGBTQ+ people in their messaging. But instead, here we are, hearing someone compare their “tomboy phase” to someone wanting to transition. Real nice.”

Morris replied to Pope’s tweet, adding, “It’s so easy to, like, not be a scumbag human? Sell your clip-ins and zip it, Insurrection Barbie.”

Brittany addressed Pope and Morris on her Instagram story, sharing several frames responding to their comments directly.

"Advocating for the genital mutilation of children under the disguise of love and calling it ‘gender affirming care,’ is one of the worst evils. I will always support my children and do what I can do protect their innocence. The other day Memphis wanted to be a dinosaur and tomorrow Navy will want to be a cat,” she said, referring to her two children. “They’re children. Some parents want to be accepted by society so badly, that they’re willing to make life-altering decisions for their children who aren’t old enough to fully comprehend the consequences of those actions.”

She added, “Love is protecting your child until they are mature enough as an adult to make their own life decisions. Thankful my parents allowed me to go through my tom boy phase without changing my gender. Until then, leave children alone!”

She also shared a message for "Maren," whom she referred to as "Karen Morris" before thanking her for calling her Barbie.

On Friday, August 26, Morris addressed the controversy on her Instagram story, sharing several clips talking to the camera to thank fans for being “so supportive” of her and Pope.

“I will say, we can handle this s--t, we’ve dealt with idiots for years saying insanely stupid stuff at us, but I would check on your trans friends, check on your gay friends, anyone that is in country music and had to look at that bulls--t today and feel subhuman,” she said. 

Morris reiterated that she and Pope are “good,” adding, “It was just like eh, I didn’t really think I woke up and chose violence today, I was just so sick of looking at absolute horses--t on the internet and people getting away with it, much less being celebrated for it.”

The following day, Morris’ husband, Ryan Hurd, defended his wife for speaking up.

“Scoring quick points by picking on trans kids isn’t something that is brave at all,” Hurd wrote in a series of tweets. “And I’m proud of Maren for sticking up for them… Shut up and sing only applies to those who you disagree with… Getting a lot of people telling me our career is over, as if the last time she spoke up about something it disappeared. Honestly, we’re pretty ok over here. Tours are good, got a 2-year-old we love, we’re fucking fine, and I promise she isn’t going to shut up now.”

As well as Hurd, Rissi Palmer, Meghan Linsey, Brandi Carlile, Mickey Guyton, Lindsay Ell, Sam Palladio and more have also rallied around Pope and Morris. 

On Saturday, August 27, Pope took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with a devious smile writing, “POV: Knowing you got under someone’s skin you don’t like in the first place.”

Morris commented, “You know, I’m glad she didn’t become a boy either because we really don’t need another asshole dude in the world. Sucks when Karens try to hide their homophobia/transphobia behind their “protectiveness of the children.” Weren’t they putting their kids in “Biden-is-a-pedo” shirts on social media? Sounds like a real safe way to protect them from millions of eyes! Fuck all the way off to Insurrection Barbie and the fellow IB’s trolling this comment section with their hypocritical, hateful asses.”

While Aldean has mostly remained tight-lipped, he has since commented “MY Barbie” on his wife’s Instagram post, referencing Morris’ “insurrection barbie” comment.