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Casey Barnes, Hinterland Among 2022 Gold Coast Music Award Nominees

26 July 2022 | 12:54 pm | Mallory Arbour

The Gold Coast Music Awards take place on September 3.

Casey Barnes

Casey Barnes (Image: Supplied)

More Casey Barnes More Casey Barnes

The 2022 Gold Coast Music Award nominations are in!

Casey Barnes and Hussy Hicks lead the country genre, each with four nominations to their names. Barnes and Hussy Hicks both vie for the coveted title of ‘Artist of the Year’ alongside Buttered, Eliza and the Delusionals, Lily Papas and Wildheart, as well as ‘Live Act of the Year’.

Barnes’ hit singles, Light It Up is nominated for ‘Release of the Year’ and God Took His Time On You, which peaked at #1 on the Countrytown Hot 50 Country Airplay Chart, for ‘Song of the Year’, meanwhile, Hussy Hicks is up for ‘Video of The Year’ for Same Boat and ‘Visual Creative of The Year’.

In addition, Hinterland and Lily Grace both received nominations for ‘Breakout Artist of the Year’.

“We were overwhelmed by the number of Award nominations we received this year, a total of 686. That number of nominations equates to several days’ worth of non-stop listening for the judging panel. It’s incredible to think that that is just a small portion of the music being produced on the Gold Coast each year,” says Gold Coast Music Awards co-founder, Chloe Popa

“We’re always excited to see new nominees added to the mix each year and 2022 did not disappoint. There is a very strong contingent of emerging artists and new talent making waves on the Gold Coast right now. The finalists reflect a good balance of rising stars as well as musicians who are already recognisable on the national and international stage like Casey Barnes, Tijuana Cartel, Hussy Hicks, Eliza and the Delusionals and Hollow Coves.” 

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The Gold Coast Music Awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, September 3 from 12pm-3pm at HOTA, Home of the Arts. The Awards are held alongside SPRINGTIME Festival, taking place throughout the Surfers Paradise precinct from 2-4 September. 

“The Gold Coast has such a strong calibre of artists emerging from the city, and events like the GCMA’s became the inspiration to create SPRINGTIME and continue to showcase the music of the region alongside the country’s best,” says Festival Director, Mark Duckworth

“To be able to celebrate the scene’s achievements over the weekend with our partners the Gold Coast Music Awards will make for an annual party not to miss.”

Award celebrations include a Gold Coast Music Awards after-glow party held in the HOTA Lawn Bar, immediately after the Awards ceremony. Tickets are available now here.

Check out the relevant nominations below:

ARTIST OF THE YEAR sponsored by Southern Cross University

  • Buttered
  • Casey Barnes
  • Eliza and the Delusionals
  • Hussy Hicks
  • Lily Papas
  • Wildheart


  • Buttered
  • Chutney
  • Gaudion
  • Girl and Girl
  • Hinterland
  • Latour
  • Lily Grace

LIVE ACT OF THE YEAR sponsored by Gold Coast Music

  • Buttered
  • Casey Barnes
  • Eliza and the Delusionals
  • Girl and Girl
  • Heavy Wax
  • Hussy Hicks
  • Peach Fur
  • Tijuana Cartel
  • Wildheart

RELEASE OF THE YEAR sponsored by City of Gold Coast

  • Casey Barnes – Light It Up
  • Cold Ghost – Dominoes
  • EUCA – Transitional Period
  • Girl and Girl – A Typical Friday Night (Shame, Sex & Misery)
  • Lily Papas – Encore
  • These Idle Hands – Meraki
  • Wildheart – Global Crisis

SONG OF THE YEAR sponsored by SOPO

  • Buttered – Love
  • Casey Barnes – God Took His Time On You
  • Chutney – Talk
  • DENNIS. – False Truths
  • EUCA – Only Fools
  • Eliza and the Delusionals – Save Me
  • Georgia Horeau - 17
  • Hollow Coves - Purple
  • Lemaire – Ford Laser
  • Lily Papas - Heaven
  • The Vultures – Conversations
  • Wildheart - Show Me What It's Like To Be Worthless

VIDEO OF THE YEAR sponsored by QT Gold Coast

  • Atticus Chimps – Liquid Percussion
  • Baltimore Gun Club – Deniro
  • Chutney – Life I Like
  • DENNIS. – Stuck In My Ways
  • Eliza and the Delusionals – Give You Everything
  • Geniie Boy – Elevator to the Sky
  • Gimmy Flowens – Don’t Be Afraid
  • Hussy Hicks – Same Boat
  • Lemaire – Ford Laser
  • Syrup - Kaleidoscope
  • The Riot - Pissed
  • Wildheart – Backburner


  • Bianca Hinton
  • Hussy Hicks
  • Jared Hinz
  • Shane Budini
  • Simone Gorman-Clark

See the full list of nominations here.