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Buy A Date With Christie Lamb!

8 September 2021 | 11:49 am | Staff Writer

Christie Lamb has new merch for sale, including calendars. We couldn’t help but get a laugh with our ‘buy a date with Christie Lamb’ play on words headline.

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Christie Lamb has new merch for sale, including personally signed calendars for 2022.  And we couldn’t help but get a laugh with our ‘buy a date with Christie Lamb’ play on words headline, however, buying merch is a great way to support your favourite artists who have endured constant lockdowns and for those who haven’t been able to perform/provide income for themselves and their families.

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The calendar can be bought on its own or part of her ‘Ultimate Christie Lamb Pack’, which comes with her a DVD, signed photo, Broken Lines Album, Cap and Stubby Holder. Alternately, you grab the calendar in her ‘DVD Deluxe Pack’, which also includes the DVD and signed photo.

The cover features a snap from the promotional photo shoot for her latest single, Kiss About It. After the challenges of COVID-19, she decided to kick off this year with a light-hearted, feel-good single.

Christie says, “Kiss About It is a fun, catchy up tempo about how you and your partner can get through the tough times with just a simple kiss. I think after the year we’ve all had, people will have spent much more time together than usual. For any couple there are bound to be moments along the way when you don’t always agree. Kiss About It is exactly as the title says, focusing on the good times, kissing and making up with your partner.”

Also, to make things totally clear, buying the calendar doesn’t include a physical date with the Golden Guitar and CMC Award winner (calendar dates only). She’s a happily married woman. You can read more about her nuptials here.

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