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Blake Shelton Sings With Six-Year-Old Fan Awaiting A Heart Transplant

3 February 2022 | 1:27 pm | Mallory Arbour

Blake Shelton was joined onstage by a six-year-old fan, who is currently waiting for a heart transplant, during his show on January 29 in Durant, Oklahoma.

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Blake Shelton was joined onstage by a six-year-old fan, who is currently waiting for a heart transplant, during his show on January 29 at the Choctaw Casinos & Resorts in Durant, Oklahoma.

Wyatt McKee, who was born with Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which prevents the left side of his heart from growing properly, was spotted by Shelton in the crowd. Holding up a sign during the concert, Shelton then welcomed the small boy onstage to duet God’s Country with him.

“Your smallest, biggest fan from Lake Texoma, 6 years old waiting on a heart transplant,” Shelton read, as the audience cheered on Wyatt. “Think y’all are having a bad day, put that into perspective right there, man. The next note he has on here, he asks if he can sing this song with me.”

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Wyatt’s Mum, Harley McKee, documented the event on Facebook.

McKee wrote, “Wow!!! I have no words I’ve been sitting here all day trying to figure out what to say to all of this... and I just want to say that we had no idea that this would get so big. I hoped that Wyatt would be lucky enough for Blake Shelton to say hello at the concert it was only a dream that he would really get to be on stage with him but to sing his favourite song it still blows me away!”

She added, “Wyatt is just still beaming with excitement, and he definitely deserves it! I’ve had several people and group ask me about a go fund me. We’ve never really done anything like this before and definitely don’t want people to feel obligated to at all. The most important thing I can ask of you is to help us spread awareness for CHD 1 of 100 kids are born with CHD and how important it is to talk about and become an organ donor!”

You can follow Wyatt’s journey via the ‘Wyatt Strong’ Facebook page here.

God’s Country was the first single and partial title track released from Shelton’s 2019 compilation album, Fully Loaded: God’s Country. The track, written by Devin Dawson, Jordan Schmidt and HARDY, was Shelton’s first #1 on the Billboard Hot Country charts since 2013. It further won the CMA and ACM Awards for ‘Single of the Year’ and was nominated for a Grammy Award.

"God's Country is a song that has a strong and deep meaningful lyric, but at the same time it leaves it up to the listeners' interpretation," Shelton said in a statement. "But no matter where you are from or where you're standing it is my belief that you're standing in God's Country. It's really about a state of mind. Wherever you're from and how you feel about that place. For me, it's about being from Oklahoma – where I was born, raised and still live today."

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