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Alli Walker Does A Shoey Out Of A Catfish

11 May 2024 | 8:54 am | Mary Varvaris

Walker wrote that the experience of the shoey out of the catfish “wasn’t that bad I promise”.

Alli Walker

Alli Walker (Source: Supplied)

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Country music singer-songwriter Alli Walker has recently gone viral after doing a shoey… but taking the stunt a step further, she drank beer out of a dead catfish. Yep, you read that right.

The footage of Walker doing the shoey out of a dead catfish has even made its way to Australia, with Nova Radio’s Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel watching on in shock this week (6 May). The video also made its way to Hockey Night in Canada and ESPN, making Walker a rock star.

Responding to the post on Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel’s Instagram page, Walker wrote that the experience “wasn’t that bad I promise”.

The catfish shoey happened during Walker’s performance at the Canucks vs. Predators Game 4 playoffs while promoting her new song, Creek, in which she sings: “I’d love to get you in the creek/ and catch you like a catfish”. You can watch footage of the catfish shoey below.

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In March, Walker signed a deal with RECORDS Nashville, stating at the time (via MusicRow): “I’ve been grinding for 15 years as an independent artist and beyond excited to add incredible team members and join forces with RECORDS Nashville.

“I’m thrilled to hit the ground running! I’m so grateful to collaborate with such a talented team that believes in me and my vision who can elevate my music to new heights and help me connect with a broader audience!”

Since signing with RECORDS Nashville, Walker has released two new songs: I Like Big Trucks (a cheeky country play on Baby Got Back) and Creek, with a new single set for release in the coming weeks.

We won’t give much information on the song away, but with co-writer Jon Nite and a co-write and production credit for Australia’s own Lindsay Rimes, we’re looking forward to what’s next in Walker’s career.

Walker, originally from Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island, is a professional bagpiper and burgeoning country artist. After moving to Toronto, she funded her country music dreams by modelling for Nike, Dyson, Levi’s, and Google and made an appearance in the popular series Suits.

Where the COVID-19 pandemic could have ended her career, Walker found herself gaining TikTok fame and performing independently until moving to Nashville. Earlier this year, Apple Music named her a Rising Country Star of Country Music.