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VIDEO PREMIERE: Shyanne Irwin - 'Where I Want To Be'

19 October 2023 | 2:22 pm | Mary Varvaris

"Even though 'Where I Want To Be' is about my personal experience, it’s a universal experience for just about everyone."

Shyanne Irwin

Shyanne Irwin (Source: Supplied)

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Australian country music artist Shyanne Irwin explores homesickness and the decision to leave home to follow her dreams on the autobiographical, charming new single, Where I Want To Be.

In the music video, which Countrytown is premiering today, Irwin leaves her car and joins her friends before strumming her guitar and peacefully singing on the beach - before a lifeguard interrupts her, anyway.

Singing down the streets, Irwin looks the most at home while on stage. You can watch the music video – shot by Jeremy Minnett of Eyes + Ears Creative - below. Fellow musicians Gabi Blissett, Rusty Crook and Chris Broomhead join Irwin on the track, with John Lee in the producer’s seat.

Irwin grew up in the Hunter Valley before leaving her home last year to study at the University of Newcastle, growing further in her songwriting career and tackling the life change with sheer determination.

“Last year was my first year of living away from home and studying at uni, so this song has all the feelings of loneliness and sadness of moving away,” Irwin said in a press release.

Discussing the hope she feels, Irwin continued, “It’s all about leaving behind familiar faces and the memories of a small town to pursue my dreams in the city and how I navigated that change. Despite the feelings of loneliness, it’s also got a feeling of purpose and determination because I know I’m where I should be for my future.”

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Explaining the universal emotion of homesickness and leaving home for her dream, Irwin said, “Even though Where I Want To Be is about my personal experience, it’s a universal experience for just about everyone.

“This song is a little bit of a hint at what’s to come with my new music and captures what I want my music to sound like.”

In 2024, Irwin will be one of 27 people attending the Country Music Association of Australia Senior Academy of Country Music, taking on the Instrumentalist course after graduating from the Singer-Songwriter Performer course this year.