VIDEO PREMIERE: Saralyn – ‘I Hope That You'll Remember’

2 July 2024 | 1:28 pm | Tione Zylstra

The heartwarming music video, exclusively premiering on Countrytown, features a range of Saralyn’s family memories.


Saralyn (Source: Supplied)

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Saralyn’s new single I Hope That You'll Remember dropped just over a week ago, and it’s been on high rotation on national country radio stations since – but today, in a Countrytown exclusive premiere, you can check out the accompanying music video.

I Hope That You'll Remember is a heartwarming song, speaking on how important it is to cherish those special moments with family. Co-written with Saralyn’s sister Angela Rose and produced by Rhys Zacher, the track is an emotional journey through familial connections. In a post to Instagram, Saralyn said the song is “all about the memories that have shaped my life as a parent” and “reminding my babies just how extraordinary their existence is.”

And, in true form, the music video follows that story. Cut between clips of Saralyn singing, you’ll find videos of her with her family, in seemingly mundane yet beautiful moments. Cooking, opening presents, playing with her daughters – Saralyn sings of how these moments are “the best days of my life”. 

The music video was shot by the team at Jake Davey Studios, who Saralyn praised thoroughly. “I’m incredibly proud of this music video. Jake Davey Studios perfectly captured the emotion and story behind the song, creating a visual journey that enhances the lyrics beautifully,” she said.

She encourages listeners to “turn it up, grab your little ones and have a boogie in the lounge room.”

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Saralyn previously participated in the Countrytown Cookoff, providing us with a wonderfully wholesome recipe for her First Date Spag Bol.