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VIDEO PREMIERE: Lontano - 'Somewhere Highway'

15 November 2023 | 10:33 am | Mary Varvaris

'Somewhere Highway' is the third single from the pair’s upcoming album, due for release in 2024.


Lontano (Source: Supplied)

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Don’t we all want to get out of town sometimes? Away from the city, work and other responsibilities, and just head for a highway… somewhere.

That’s the entire prospect behind the latest number from the songwriters of Lontano, Anthony Dettori and Roz Pappalardo. The duo’s harmonies and solo offerings make for a soulful, candid getaway tune that you need on your road trip playlists.

The music video for their latest track, Somewhere Highway, premieres on Countrytown today. The clip showcases the beauty of Australia’s robust landscape and countryside through the lens of car windows. Native animals hop beside Lontano’s vehicle, trees line the sides of the road, and the red dirt signifying country areas of Australia are prominent.

The duo filmed Somewhere Highway’s music video as they were on the road to Karumba for a gig. They recorded footage from the road between Cairns, Karumba and back, while the video was edited by Jason Millhouse at Recordworks.

Somewhere Highway is a song for everyone who needs a change of scene and scenery,” Lontano commented in a press release. “When it’s time to make a fresh start, hitting the road to Somewhere (anywhere else) is a journey to catharsis: Life-affirming, uplifting and, sometimes, absolutely necessary.”

They continued, “Inspired by the uncanny ability of the open road to dilate time and wash away the detritus of everyday life, Somewhere Highway reminds us that when the world exhausts us, it is enough to just keep moving. One step in front of the other. One lonely stretch after another. One outpost after another. Until we regain our perspective, our equilibrium, and our selves.”

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Somewhere Highway is the third single from the pair’s upcoming album, due for release in 2024. It follows the singles Depending On You and Ten Fingers.

The duo’s new album will follow their self-titled debut – Lontano is Italian for “far away” and saw the group explore the impact of distance on our relationships – while their new album will find them examining how time shapes our world views.