VIDEO PREMIERE: Good Will Remedy - 'Bleed'

26 July 2023 | 11:10 am | Mary Varvaris

Good Will Remedy give fans of Powderfinger, Tom Petty and The Replacements a different band to love.

Good Will Remedy

Good Will Remedy (Source: Supplied)

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Brisbane-based alt-country outfit Good Will Remedy are back with the bloodsucking-inspired music video for Bleed, with singer Will Lebihan baring long vampire fangs throughout the video.

On the music video for Bleed, which Countrytown is premiering today, Good Will Remedy show off their rocking, anthemic side as Lebihan croons, “Cut me, I’ll bleed…” Displaying a 90s-esque alternative rock vibe with country undertones, Good Will Remedy give fans of Powderfinger, Tom Petty and The Replacements a different band to love.

The country/Americana/rock group comprises Lebihan, drummer Rob Penman, and both Mitch Reid and Dave Newman on guitar and vocals.

Bleed is the first track on Good Will Remedy’s upcoming sixth album, Sunshine State, due for release in late 2023. According to the band members, it really came to life when they cut it in the studio. From lead vocalist for local metal act Pharoah’s Playground in the mid-90s to now, Lebihan provides a breezy charisma, fangs and all.

A press release about Bleed describes the single as “a song about frustrated devotion, a song that asks – 'what more do I need to do?' and stems from songwriter Will Lebihan's observations of when relationship frustrations boil over.

“Kicking off like a lost classic from The Cars, the song blossoms into an anthemic, catchy single – with ringing country-rock guitars soundtracking the ode to undying love and devotion.”

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The music video was created by filmmaker Hayden Lowry. You can check out the creepy yet delightful music video below.

Previous Good Will Remedy singles, Lightning Bolt and Ghost Town, both made the Countrytown Hot 50 in 2021. The former’s music video has also aired on CMT, alongside Anzac Day and Messin’ With My Head.

The Queensland band’s seamless blend of country, alternative rock, and a little dash of whatever makes them Good Will Remedy has seen the group play over 1,000 shows in their career, including Australia’s big two country music festivals, Tamworth Country Music Festival and The Gympie Music Muster.