This Album Changed My Life: Zara Lindeman On Kasey Chambers’ ‘Wayward Angel’

10 November 2022 | 12:00 pm | Mallory Arbour

'A Pony I Can Trust' is out now!

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Zara Lindeman grew up on an alpaca farm in Deniliquin in South-Western NSW and having the Ute Muster almost in her backyard, inspired Zara to pursue her passion for country music. 

Having taken up her first instrument at the age of 6, Zara has performed around Southern NSW and Northern Victoria over the past 2 years. Her gigs include weddings, private and corporate events and festivals, and she recently debuted at her first BnS Ball.

Zara’s original music, paired with her low-toned voice, expresses heightened emotion through song. With her impassioned approach, Zara recently dropped her debut country single. Landing at #1 on the iTunes Country Songs chart upon release, A Pony I Can Trust, comes to life as a western-style, punchy alt country track, self-penned by Zara and produced by country outlaw artist and multi-instrumentalist, Gareth Leach.

To learn more, we spoke to Zara about an album that changed her life.


Zara Lindeman on Wayward Angel by Kasey Chambers:

“As a 6-year-old, if I got to pick the music in the car, we’d be rotating the 4-album box set of Kasey Chambers. I have many fond memories around Kasey’s music. It’s nostalgic for me as I’d listen to her songs for hours on end, on long road trips, learn them word for word, with my favourites on repeat.

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Kasey’s Wayward Angel album has two standout songs for me – Pony and Hollywood.

I grew up on an alpaca farm in Southern NSW and spent my childhood immersed with animals and riding horses, living a rural country life. I was drawn to the song Pony. Every girl I knew growing up wanted a pony. In primary school, in my first band, we learnt and performed the song at a school assembly and open mic night. We were all so stoked to be doing that!

The approach of starting with a bass line and a voice always intrigued me. Kasey really focused on the lyrics and storytelling in the song which inspired me to try and master the craft of storytelling in my own music. She tells a great story through Pony, one I enjoy and have appreciated at all ages and stages in my life.

Hollywood is a song I have always loved to listen to, play and sing and also one I appreciate more as I’ve grown older. Kasey’s portrayal of the contrast between Hollywood and reality is such an interesting concept to tie to heartache. I could enjoy her music at a young age, but also, growing up and growing older I found it relatable in new ways as I began to further appreciate the lyrical content and meaning. I’ve always loved that about Kasey’s songs.

Kasey’s musical influence in my early life was foundational to my development as a country music enthusiast and performer, and I eventually knew I wanted to take a country music pathway. To this day, I still cover Kasey’s songs.

And here I am today with my own Pony Song.

I’m very grateful for the music Kasey has shared over the years.”


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