This Album Changed My Life: Matt Andersen On Rod Stewart’s ‘Every Picture Tells A Story’

25 August 2022 | 1:27 pm | Mallory Arbour

To get to know Matt Andersen a little better, we asked him to tell us about an album that has changed his life.

Matt Andersen

Matt Andersen (Image: Supplied)

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Canadian musician, Matt Andersen released his first acoustic solo studio record (his ninth overall) earlier this year. On House to House, he moves in a different direction from the dynamic, thumping blues that has earned him numerous accolades, awards, and major festival bookings to date. Here, he effortlessly delves into gospel-infused folk, introspective singer-songwriter numbers, and thoughtful ballads, showing a more intimate side of the performer and writer.

In addition to headlining major festivals, clubs and theatres throughout North America, Europe, and Australia, he has shared the stage and toured with Marcus King, Beth Hart, Marty Stuart, Greg Allman, Randy Bachman, Jonny Lang, Serena Ryder, and more. He also was the first ever Canadian to take home top honours in the solo/duo category at the 2010 ‘International Blues Challenge’ in Memphis and has amassed over 18 million on Spotify and YouTube to date.


Matt Andersen On Every Picture Tells A Story by Rod Stewart:

“My favourite albums are the ones that are based around a great band playing and being recorded, plain and simple. This album nails that. Rod’s vocals are bang on and the band, including Ronnie Wood and Ian McLagan is absolutely killing it. I love the loose vibe of the recording and the way the band used rock, folk and blues sounds. From the opening track Every Picture Tells A Story to the smash worldwide hit Maggie May and covers like That’s Alright Mama – which I think was the first single for Elvis Presley, to Dylan’s Tomorrow is a Long Time - the whole thing ebbs and flows, it’s almost like listening to someone breathe. It’s as live feeling an album you can have outside of recording a live show. And that’s not easy to achieve.

I have always enjoyed listening to albums that put the music out there, warts and all. There are several moments throughout the recording that would never have made it to tape today. The parts would be picked apart, re-recorded, edited and run though digital processing. This album for me is all about the performances.

Something that stands out on this record for me is the “interlude” type of intros to songs. Such a cool approach to kicking off a song. It really makes it worth listening to the whole album at once instead of a song here or there. I’m also partial to the acoustic tone of the album. I fall easy for songs that are driven with an acoustic guitar instead of it playing a supporting role.

There is a lesson to everybody who is getting ready to record an album. That is to put the music first and yourself second. That’s when the best stuff happens. I never get tired of these tracks and never skip a song. It’s gold from top to tail.”

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