This Album Changed My Life: Laurel Taylor On Gaither Vocal Band’s ‘Sometimes It Takes A Mountain’

27 January 2023 | 12:18 pm | Mallory Arbour

To learn more about Laurel Taylor, we asked her about an album that changed her life.

Laurel Taylor

Laurel Taylor (Image: via Facebook)

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Emerging Nashville artist, Laurel Taylor is a singer-songwriter and producer whose roots and influences of rock, country, and gospel blend together to give her a unique and edgy sound. She has toured around the world from small town music festivals to the bars of Nashville to European tours. She has worked with and performed with a variety of artists including Lauren Daigle, Jason Crabb, Micah Tyler, Kutless, Sanctus Real, Rhett Walker, Diamond Rio, and CCR.

If you're a fan of Miranda Lambert's House That Built Me, you'll love Laurel’s new single Old House. From the production to the vocals, she truly grabs the attention of the listener and takes them through a story of an "old house" and the inspiring story of escaping the past and providing a future for herself.

To learn more about Laurel, we asked her about an album that changed her life.


Laurel Taylor on Sometimes It Takes A Mountain by Gaither Vocal Band:

“Let me start off by saying that when I was growing up, I listened to a lot of country/gospel records with my grandmother. I can honestly tell you that the moment I heard the record Sometimes It Takes A Mountain by Gaither Vocal Band, it completely changed my life and the lens I viewed my life with.

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The lyrics talk about how we, as humans, can be so hard-headed... whether that means that we have too much pride, are too self-absorbed, or make the decision to be defiant and just not listen. We all go through seasons where we mess up, learn, and as a result, grow from those mistakes. This was something that I needed so much in my life and the words throughout the song meant more to me than I can describe. 

The chorus says, “Sometimes it takes a mountain, sometimes a troubled sea, sometimes it takes a desert to get a hold of me.”

It’s very simple. I know that I serve a God who is greater than all of my problems and He can get through to a hard-headed person like myself. My Grandmother passed away a few years ago and I sang this song at her funeral because the Gaither Vocal Band was her favourite and a group that we always listened to together. As I sang that song, it spoke to me in a way that showed me how to not be so closed off and shut down that I couldn’t take guidance, be taught, or even listen to corrections on how to better myself. This record taught me a lot of wonderful life lessons to use every day moving forward. I know it's an old song, but to this day it is a favourite of mine and it always will be.”


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