This Album Changed My Life: Briana Dinsdale On Blackberry Smoke’s The Whippoorwill

9 March 2023 | 11:04 am | Staff Writer

To learn more about Briana Dinsdale, we asked her about an album that changed her life.

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Brisbane-based singer-songwriter, Briana Dinsdale continues to go from strength to strength bringing a refreshing style of country music to crowds around Australia.

She received support from the Country Music Association where she was announced the winner of the 2022 Keith Urban Scholarship Award and was welcomed into the Gibson Family as an official Epiphone ambassador declaring her as one of the youngest ambassadors in the country. After the announcement as a Top 10 Finalist in the KIX Country KIX Start Competition in 2022, Briana went on to support The Wolfe Brothers on multiple shows as well as multiple appearances at the 2023 Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Following her previous singles, Irresistible Force and Last Name, Briana recently released her latest track, Chasing Boys. The upbeat sassy country track draws inspiration from country artists such as Linda Ronstadt and The Eagles and expands Briana’s musicianship as a country artist.

To learn more about Briana Dinsdale, we asked her about an album that changed her life.


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Briana Dinsdale On Blackberry Smoke’s The Whippoorwill:

“To me, there are many ‘favourite’ albums, but there is something about Blackberry SmokesThe Whippoorwill that always has me wanting to push play. My dad introduced me to Blackberry Smoke many years ago when we went to Byron Blay Blues Fest where they played a lot of this album, and I fell in love with it. I was 11 at the time and felt as though this was the kind of music I wanted to take inspiration from.

My two favourite tracks on the album are Six Ways to Sunday and Ain’t Much Left of Me. Six Ways to Sunday is a country-rockin’, southern twang, catchy introductory song to the to the following 13. It blends so many incredible instruments each playing their own unique part with one of my favourite musical lines being the honkey-tonk keyboard. The way that Ain’t Much Left of Me takes you on a journey is incredible. The opening introduction is calm, pretty, and relaxing. It’s then juxtaposed by this incredible distorted riff kicking off the band. [Blackberry Smoke vocalist and guitarist], Charlie Starr’s song writing is so incredible, unique, and high quality.

One Horse Town, Pretty Little Lie, The Whippoorwill, Ain’t Got the Blues and Up The Road are definitely more of the peaceful songs on the record, whilst they still have so much of a pulse behind them, you don’t feel bored. I love them!

Everybody Knows She’s Mine, Leave a Scar, Lucky Seven, Crimson Moon, Sleeping Dogs, and Shakin’ Hands with the Holy Ghost are definitely on the heavier sounding side. I also love these!

This album receives 5/5 stars from me. It ticks all of the boxes of the perfect country-rock album and has the ability to appeal to such a variety of listeners. This is the kind of album I will play for my future kids.”


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