The Countrytown Cookoff: Katie Jayne

13 September 2023 | 11:10 am | Mary Varvaris

Countrytown is also premiering Katie Jayne's tasty new track, 'Boys Lie'.

Katie Jayne & her zucchini boats

Katie Jayne & her zucchini boats (Source: Supplied)

Hunter Valley artist Katie Jayne isn’t only premiering her new music video, Boys Lie, with Countrytown, she’s also kicking off our new series, The Countrytown Cookoff, sharing a recipe that’s gotten close to her over time. You can enjoy Jayne’s recipe and images of the finished product below.


Healthy Zucchini Boats (serves two)

I went on a bit of a weight-loss journey recently to keep fit for all of my shows, and this particular recipe is from that. It's strictly weighed when on the diet, but I just cook it however I please these days.

Most importantly, it's yummy, healthy and fills you up without leaving you in a complete food coma!

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If you do try and make this recipe, I'd love to know your thoughts and the variations you try!

This recipe would also work with chicken, pork or prawns - YUM! You could also add onion, spinach or other veggies too


Zucchini (two large or four small)

250g mince

One tin of diced tomatoes




Gluten-free Soy Sauce

Lemon (dash)


Cut zucchini in half, scoop out the insides and set aside.

Place zucchini halves on a baking tray and place in the oven at 180 degrees for about 35 minutes.

Heat up a frying pan and brown the mince; add zucchini insides, a teaspoon of garlic, a teaspoon of ginger and turmeric to taste. Once the mince is cooked, add tinned tomatoes, a splash of soy sauce and a splash of lemon.

Simmer until zucchini halves are cooked. Remove zucchini halves from the oven and fill with mince.

Either eat straight away or reheat in the oven for tasty leftovers the next day.

*Note - I don't use oil in this recipe

Katie’s zucchini boats

Katie’s zucchini boats

In addition to participating in the inaugural Countrytown Cookoff, Jayne has shared the very pink, commanding music video to her new single, Boys Lie.

Shot and edited by Jeremy Minett from Eyes + Ears Creative at the Hunter Valley selfie studio, The Venue, the latest country-pop track from Jayne finds her wholeheartedly embracing her girly and sassy sides.

“The video is very pink! I think having a title like Boys Lie, it was hard to resist giving in to my feminine and girly side,” Jayne explained in a statement. “It's simple, to the point and fun.”

Boys Lie was co-written with Lyn Bowtell, showcasing an autobiographical look through past relationships. Produced by Jared Adlam, Jayne sings through society’s unwritten facts and rules: Don’t drink and drive, cross on a red light, smoking is bad for you and…boys lie.

She added, “We've been playing this song in our live set for a while now, and it definitely connects with the girls. I'm so excited to finally be releasing it as a single. It's cheeky and so fun to play!”

Boys Lie is out now via RTC Records.