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Stick Around by Matt Cornell – Premiere

27 October 2022 | 1:07 pm | Mallory Arbour

‘Stick Around’ is out tomorrow!

Matt Cornell

Matt Cornell (Image: Supplied)

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It’s been five years since his last solo single, It’s Only Midnight. Now, five-time Golden Guitar nominee, Matt Cornell, is back with a brand-new song, Stick Around. Due for release this Friday, Countrytown not only has your exclusive first listen but also the debut of the music video. 

The single draws on Matt’s love of 80s music to create an awesome blend of country rock on this anthem track. Matt’s gripping vocal tears right through the middle of a weave of pounding drums and lofty guitars, as he sings about settling down with the love of his life. 

The Gold Coast-based artist says, “Stick Around explores the weird phenomenon that true love often strikes when we least expect it. The idea that something so solid and long lasting can be borne out of one boozy fleeting flirty moment.” 

The song began to take shape when producer Jared Adlam gave Matt some new listening material. “I mentioned to him how I wanted to embrace my rock background and love of 80’s music, he then turned me onto American artist Hardy, I was hooked straight away." 

The pair teamed up with artist and songwriter Tim Aitken and wrote the song in a blitz. “The chemistry was instant. Stick Around was written in a few hours.” However, the song’s tale is more prophecy than reality. “I feel in a way, where I’m at in my life, Stick Around is kind of a wish for me personally, I'm currently single and wanting to settle down to start a family one day, in this song, the guy meets his life partner, has the two kids and a dog, there’s hope for me yet.” 

The accompanying music video, directed by Golden Guitar winning Jay Seeney of Blacklist Productions, sees Matt live the words to his song. From the chance meeting in a bar, he croons about in the song’s first verse – “And if it wasn’t for the liquor, I wouldn’t talk to you / It sounds funny but it’s true” – to a stolen kiss under golden sunset.

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As one half of Golden Guitar nominated duo, Cornell & Carr, Matt has had his solo career on the backburner in recent years. Despite his brief solo hiatus, Matt has been anything but idle throughout his lifelong music career. Sneaking in the back doors of venues to play professionally when he was just 16, he’s enjoyed an illustrious career as a bass player to some music royalty.

He’s plucked the 4-string for Baby Animals, Richard Clapton, Rose Tattoo, Shannon Noll and now, Adam Brand. Matt has also fronted the stage at the famous SXSW festival in Texas and supported Richard Marx on both his 2016 and 2018 Australian tours.

Matt grew up in an extremely musical family. The son of performers Cheryl Assange and former Delltone Wayne Cornell, his parents would often rehearse shows in the loungeroom. Matt’s uncle, George Assange (also performed under the name Vic Sabrino), was also influential, being the first Australian to make a rock ‘n ’roll recording in 1955. 

Matt will be performing once again at his 6th annual Sydney Harbour Cruise, The Stock Route Country Music Festival and Country on Keppel in 2023. 

Keep up to date with everything Matt Cornell on his Facebook page here.