See The Country ‘Song Of The Year’ From When You Were Born

31 May 2022 | 2:44 pm | Staff Writer

Scroll through to find your birth year and then click to listen to the award-winning song!

The CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia (also known as the Golden Guitar Awards) have been celebrating the many achievements of Australian country music artists since 1973 – including the prestigious APRA 'Song of the Year' Award, which we feature today. This list is a fascinating time capsule of prevalent trends from every decade in Australian history.

From the early dominance of John Williamson, Allan Caswell and Slim Dusty to the rise of Lee Kernaghan, Adam Brand and Troy Cassar-Daley, the charts were heavily male dominated. That was until Kasey Chambers’ release of her cross-genre smash hit, Not Pretty Enough, opened the doors to the likes of Sara Storer, Melinda Schneider and Beccy Cole. More recently, it’s been Travis Collins, The Wolfe Brothers, Felicity Urquhart, and Shane Nicholson.

Scroll through to find your birth year and then click to listen to the award-winning song!


2022: And You Will Have Your Way – Shane Nicholson

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2021: The High Price Of Surviving – Shane Nicholson

2020: Chain Of Joy – Felicity Urquhart

2019: Ain’t Seen it Yet – The Wolfe Brothers

2018: Our Backyard – Travis Collins and Amber Lawrence

2017: Call Me Crazy – Travis Collins

2016: Freedom Ride – Troy Cassar-Daley

2015: Three Brothers (The Great War) – Luke O’Shea

2014: Lady of the Land – Luke O’Shea

2013: Home – Troy Cassar-Daley

2012: Bad Machines – Shane Nicholson

2011: Little Bird – Kasey Chambers

2010: Big Big Love – Troy Cassar-Daley

2009: Rattlin’ Bones – Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson

2008: Land Cries Out – Sara Storer

2007: Poster Girl (Wrong Side Of The World) – Beccy Cole

2006: Lonesome But Free – Troy Cassar-Daley

2005: Real People – Melinda Schneider

2004: Raining On The Plains – Sara Storer

2003: Born To Survive – Troy Cassar-Daley

2002: Not Pretty Enough – Kasey Chambers

2001: Good Things In Life – Adam Brand

2000: They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That Anymore – Troy Cassar-Daley

1999: Last Man Standing – Adam Brand    


1998: Living In The Circle – Dead Ringer Band

1997: The Road Less Travelled – Graeme Connors

1996: The Great Australian Dream – Graeme Connors

1995: Songs From The Homeland – Graeme Connors

1994: Three Chain Road – Lee Kernaghan

1993: Boys From The Bush – Lee Kernaghan

1992: Things Are Not The Same On The Land – Slim Dusty

1991: The Blue Heeler – James Blundell

1990: Kimberley Moon – James Blundell

1989: We’ve Done Us Proud – Slim Dusty

1988: The Old Time Tent Shows – Alan Hawking

1987: Here’s A Good Bloke When He’s Sober – Slim Dusty

1986: The Garden – Allan Caswell

1985: Queen In The Sport Of Kings – John Williamson

1984: I Was Only 19 – John Schumann/Redgum

Many of the songs beyond 1984 cannot be found on YouTube but please have a read below: 

1983: Used To Be A Gold Song – Allan Caswell & Keith Potger
1982: His Spurs Are Rusty Now – Rex & Colin Dallas
1981: One Armed Bandit – Allan Caswell & Brian Caswell
1980: Three Empty Bottles – Dave Pincombe
1979: Beat of the Government Stroke – Slim Dusty
1978: Indian Pacific – Slim Dusty
1977: Three Rivers Hotel – Slim Dusty
1976: Santa Never Made It To Darwin – Bill & Boyd
1975: The Biggest Disappointment – Slim Dusty
1974: Goondiwindi Grey – Tex Morton
1973: Lights On The Hill – Slim Dusty