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Run by Peter Money – Premiere

13 May 2022 | 2:30 pm | Mallory Arbour

'Run' is set for release on May 15.

Peter Money

Peter Money (Image: Supplied)

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Melbourne-Based singer-songwriter, Peter Money delves into heavy themes with his bittersweet, hook filled track Run and Countrytown has your first listen ahead of the official release on May 15 in this exclusive premiere! It's also our Song of the Day!

Written about his experience with Borderline Personality Disorder, Run is a melancholic track that delves into dark themes, whilst retaining an upbeat, bright sound. Peter is an advocate for the disorder, and often posts information on his dedicated mental health instagram

Peter says, “Inspiration for the track was dealing with mental health, particularly with self-hate. Feeling lost, wanting more, pushing people away. Lyrics focused on my journey with BPD. The song started with the opening line ‘In every pro there is a con’ because I realised that everything in life has a pro and con, so I realised with BPD there were some good aspects in that my highs are really good, but the con is the lows being so low.”

With a string of singles and EP under his belt already, Peter has been working hard to build on his sound over the last few years. Originally from Perth, starting from a young age, Peter initially played drums before finding his true passion behind the mic in his early teens. 

He adds, “I started with drums but my desire to write the melodies to my lyrics was really strong. In Year 9 of school I had the opportunity to work towards the International Baccalaureate which included a personal project. I took this opportunity to learn the guitar and record my first song Anchor. From that point on all I have wanted to do is write and perform my own music.”

Blending elements of pop, folk and country to create an ear-catching blend of infectious hooks and story-filled lyricism, Run is his first release since Surrender in 2019. The track was one-of-six from his debut EP, Fools Kingdom, which weaved together elements of folk, indie-rock and pop.

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Run is set for release on May 15.


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