Rider Essentials: Melissa Lukin

1 April 2021 | 12:54 pm | Mallory Arbour

To get to know emerging singer-songwriter Melissa Lukin better, we’ve asked her to tell us five things she always takes on the road for Rider Essentials.

Gold Coast-based, emerging country singer-songwriter, Melissa Lukin has released a whimsical country pop song called Caught up in a Dream. The single is her first release for 2021, and follows last year’s tropics inspired tune On The Water. Melissa has been in the music industry since the age of 16, where she featured in a girl group called Shye, before venturing out on her own and releasing her debut EP. She’s also an accomplished dancer and actor, having worked at Universal Studios in Japan, with international cruise lines as a lead vocalist, and in supporting acting roles on US feature films.

To get to know Melissa Lukin a little better, we’ve asked her to tell us five things she always takes on the road for this week’s Rider Essentials.

1. Hats

I have about 6 or so hats that I just love wearing, everywhere actually and especially when on stage. I love the hats by Will and Bear – all different colours in pastel and earthy colours. When I put a hat on, I feel completely dressed and ready to go! They are like artwork in my home, hung on a wall for display, so they definitely come with me when I’m away.

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2. Kimonos

I also have quite a few kimonos, and I absolutely love how I feel when wearing one. I put both hats and kimonos with everything, along with my fave pair of boots of course! It sounds strange maybe, but I just feel so myself when I have a kimono on and it all starts with feeling your best authentic self when on stage. 

3. My oils 

I love my doTerra oils. I use them for everything! They smell so good and are brilliant for so many things. I use them for my family and all around my home – so why not when away too?! My absolute fav is the Lavender Peace. And lately, I am lathering myself and everyone else in my On Guard, which is a protection blend and perfect in these crazy COVID times. 

4. Microphone

I always, always take my own microphone at the very least when doing shows away or anywhere for that matter. I think it’s just the done thing these days. I love the good old Shure SM58, but have started venturing out now and trying a few new brands. So I’ll probably turn up with a few choices of microphones these days, and see which one fits the venue and sound system best. 

5. My own pillow 

I love sleep! I mean I really love my sleep. Going to sleep for the night is one of the best parts of my day haha! At home I have my creature comforts and I have a special pillow that helps me with my neck. I’ve had neck pain for years now from the shows I used to do as a dancer and just life wear and tear in general ... My pillow is my safe place.

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