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Rider Essentials – Jenny Mitchell

21 July 2022 | 4:15 pm | Mallory Arbour

Jenny's new album 'Tug Of War' drops on July 22

Jenny Mitchell

Jenny Mitchell (Image: Supplied)

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New Zealand alt-country singer songwriter, Jenny Mitchell made her stage debut at four with her father Ron at the local country music club in Gore in New Zealand’s south. At 14, she placed third in national TV show New Zealand’s Got Talent, a formative experience which taught her how to stand up for herself and to believe in the songs she was writing. 

Notably, Jenny became the first New Zealand artist to receive a nomination for ‘Alt-Country Album of the Year’ at the 2020 Australian Golden Guitar Awards. Her follow up album, Tug Of War, due for release on July 22, features her fourth and current single Snakes In The Grass. It finds Jenny at her most raw and honest as a storyteller while creating a musical work that’s as rich and fertile as the farming country in New Zealand where she grew up. 

Having recently wrapped opening for Fanny Lumsden's Deep In The Fallow tour, we caught up with Jenny to find out the things she always takes on the road for this week’s Rider Essentials.


1. Liquorice tea

Both ritual and remedy, liquorice tea is great for your voice and is delicious. It’s anti-inflammatory and doesn’t dry out your vocal cords like many other teas (even though I love them!) do. I almost always have a liquorice tea before a show. Worth a sip, even if you don’t like liquorice! 

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2. A good book

I tend to be really motivated when I’m performing and connecting with new people on tour, which is handy but can make it hard for me to take time out and relax. Getting really into a good book (specifically novels, not self-help books!) is one of the best ways I can slow my brain down for a while and recharge.

3. A notebook and pen

I seem to have endless ideas for new creative projects when I’m on trains or planes. Getting those thoughts out of my brain and onto a page helps me to remember them all – and stay sane! 

4. Active wear

I do not claim to be an athlete in anyway shape or form, but I do know that staying active on the road makes for a much happier and healthier me. Making room for my sneakers means I’ll not only get in some exercise but also get to explore the places I’m touring – double win!

5. Sushi

The best pre-show food! I often get so excited/busy before a show that I lose my appetite and certainly don’t feel like a big hearty meal. I’ve found sushi to be such a great solution. It’s light but still full of goodness and doesn’t negatively impact my voice.     


Keep up to date with Jenny Mitchell on her Facebook page here.