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Rider Essentials: Georgia Webster

16 December 2021 | 10:15 am | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Georgia Webster to find out the things she always takes on the road with her for this week’s Rider Essentials.

Georgia Webster grew up listening to a variety of music, from John Mayer and Miley Cyrus to Carrie Underwood, Keane and The Grateful Dead. She started performing around her hometown which in high school, playing original music that reflected her pop influence and love for country music.

Georgia’s insightful songs are inspired directly from her experience as a teenager living in Hampden, Massachusetts. Her life completely changed when her song, Tell Your Mom, became an instant viral hit on TikTok in July 2020, amassing more than two million views in just a few days and she now has over 5.8 million likes on TikTok.

Her debut EP, First Goodbye was released earlier this year, and features the tracks Tell Your Mom, Push & Pull, First Goodbye, Box Of Memories and UGLY.

We caught up with Georgia to find out the things she always takes on the road with her for this week’s Rider Essentials.

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1. Voice Straw

I have an Oovoo voice straw which is supposed to help with breath control while I am singing. It’s super simple to use. All you have to do is blow through it for 5 minutes and do some warm ups in it. I’ve found that it works really well with my breathing and vocals before I go on stage each night. 

2. Grethers Vocal Drops

The Grethers vocal drops are so good!! I had been having some voice issues, so a friend of mine recommended these to me and I couldn’t believe how much they helped. They’re basically delicious gummies that have herbs and ingredients that help to soothe your voice. These vocal drops have certainly been a must so far while I’ve been on the road. 

3. Film Camera

I have been bringing a little reusable film camera around with me everywhere I go. I’m not a photographer by any means, but I do think I have a pretty good eye for pictures. I’ve been taking a ton of photos of the venues we’re performing at and just cool things I’ve seen, and of course all the outfit pics. 

4. Guitar Strings

Being on tour, obviously my guitar is a must, but guitar strings are also really important. I don’t change my strings after every show, but I do try and change them fairly often. I also like to have strings just in case anything happens onstage. I use Diagarrio phosphor bronze strings (medium gage) so having a healthy supply of those on hand is important.

5. Fan Noise

No matter where I am, I NEED my fan noise to sleep. I have an 8 hour fan noise on Spotify that I use, which was also my “top song” last year!! I physically cannot go to sleep without white noise or the sound of a fan, so this is definitely a must for me, especially when I’m on tour. 

6. Hair Curl Serum

My hair is naturally curly, and for some reason the quality of my curls depend on the water of the place. The water in my apartment is good so my curls come out good, but a lot of hotels have bad water and they don’t come out as nice. So I always carry some sort of curl serum or gel so I can scrunch my curls up nice.

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