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Rider Essentials: Ella & Sienna

30 March 2023 | 1:32 pm | Staff Writer

We caught up with Ella & Sienna to find out the things they always take on the road with them for this week’s Rider Essentials.

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Ella & Sienna, a sister duo from Adelaide Hills, South Australia, are only 20 and 17 years old respectively and are already making waves in the country music scene. While juggling typical teen commitments like university, high school, work and sports, the girls have been working tirelessly in the studio and on stage, perfecting their sound and people are taking notice.

With diverse influences from artists including Missy Higgins, Fleetwood Mac and Taylor Swift, the multi-instrumentalist siblings have formed a pop/country/folk sound that is all their own. Their voices alone command the crowd, and their harmonies weave deeply heartfelt lyrics with such effortlessness that they never fail to leave a lasting impression.

In 2022, the sisters won the Groundwater Kix-Start competition, which set them on a path to success and allowed them to open the Surf Parade Stage at Groundwater Country Music Festival. In March 2023, they released their debut EP, Seven Ways To Say You're Fine.

We caught up with our ‘Centre Stage’ artist of the week, Ella & Sienna to find out the things they always take on the road with them for this week’s Rider Essentials.



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1. Guitar

Something I always take on the road with me is my guitar. I have a special ‘Baby Taylor’ guitar reserved for road trips. Because it’s smaller than a normal guitar, I can play it in the back seat while we’re driving. It’s my favourite way to pass time and a great way to have a practice together with Sienna.

2. Pillow

Another thing I love to do on a long road trip is have a nap. I always bring a pillow so I can relax and recharge, which is something I don’t get to do often, especially in the daytime. The car isn’t particularly comfortable to sleep in either, so a pillow helps make it feel just a little more luxurious.  

3. Snacks 

I always take a heap of snacks just in case I get hungry on the road. On long drives we usually try to get to our end destination in good time, so we don’t stop too often. Bringing some of my favourite snacks keeps me happy and feels like bringing a little piece of home with us in food form.


1. Air pods 

I can’t go on a road trip without my air pods. When we’re driving a long way, I love to listen to albums I haven’t heard before from the beginning to end. It’s rare for me to have a spare hour to really sit down and take in new music for the first time so it’s always a perfect opportunity.

2. Journal

My song writing journal is always a necessity for a long road trip. I try to bring a notebook everywhere I go so I can write down ideas or lyrics as soon as inspiration strikes. On a long trip there is usually a lot of time for reflection or deep thinking which often leads to some interesting concepts or poems.

3. Book

I love to bring a good book on a road trip. Reading is one of my favourite hobbies. I love how you can be transported into a completely different universe through this narrative writing. So, when we have a long drive ahead, I love to bring a book along for the ride (which is usually one of the Harry Potter’s)


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