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Rider Essentials: Cort Carpenter

16 February 2023 | 1:39 pm | Mallory Arbour

We caught up with Cort Carpenter to find out the things he always takes on the road with him for this week’s Rider Essentials.

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Since moving to Nashville in 2012, Cort Carpenter has been a star on the rise. Throughout the years, he has opened up for Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, Chris Young, Jason Aldean, and more. Although unsigned, Cort has been nominated for 5 consecutive years at the JMA’s (world’s biggest indie music awards) and won ‘Male Entertainer of the Year’ in 2017. 

Cort recently released his debut album, All In. The album features notable songwriting credits including Ryan Hurd, Jimmy Robbins, Ashley Gorley, Shay Mooney, Dan Smyers, and several others.

“This album I feel encapsulates my voice, sound, and vibe that best represents Cort Carpenter,” he says. “So much thought, effort, love, and time has went into this album, I’m hopeful it’s heard by the right people who will take the chance on me and run with it. I’ve went all-in on this record.”

Before his debut album, he released multiple EPs and singles – over 50, in fact. In 2019, Cort self-released three radio singles (Ex ‘Em, Electricity, Dollar Store) as well as a collaboration (Safe Zone), with world-renowned country DJ, Dee Jay Silver.

We caught up with Cort Carpenter to find out the things he always takes on the road with him for this week’s Rider Essentials.


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1.  iPad 

My iPad travels everywhere with me as it holds the key to our live shows. This iPad contains our set lists and also holds every single song that I can sing if requested to do so. This iPad also holds the files for all of our (live tracks) which the drummer needs to perform the show how we want it.

2. Candy

It is important that my favourite candy makes it on the road with us. Usually Sour Patch Kids, these little things keep me going if I’m having to drive the bus/van. If not Sour Patch Kids, I usually go for a Mr. Goodbar or something with chocolate. I have a sweet tooth and it’s important they never miss the trip.

3. Cell Phone Charger

One of the first things I pack when heading on the road is my cell phone charger. One for my room and one for the car. When trying to kill time on long trips, cell phones are key to make that happen. But only if they are charged. There is nothing worse than forgetting a charger, then having to bum someone else’s for short periods of time to get your battery up. This also assures I can stay in touch with my wife, son, and family. Also, anyone else involved in the show/trip.

4. Mouthpiece

So, during the pandemic I got Invisalign to correct some shifting of my teeth. So, after putting in a year with that, after that process if over, you have to keep wearing your night guards so your teeth don’t shift. So, this is very important to have because if you leave it behind and get home days/week later, it won’t fit right and then it becomes a problem.

5. Microphone

Being a singer, having your own mic is ideal. So, this is also one of the first things packed. If you forget this item, you are often subjected to using a “house mic” which means it’s the venues community microphone. Full of germs and odd smells from previous users, I always am sure that my mic is packed. I think any singer can relate to that.


Keep up to date with Cort Carpenter on his Facebook page here.