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Rider Essentials: Corey Legge

28 January 2021 | 10:48 am | Mallory Arbour

Corey Legge is a alt-country and folk-rock singer from Bega. To get to know him better, we’ve ask him to tell us five things he always takes on the road.

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Alt-country and folk-rock singer-songwriter Corey Legge draws influence from his wholesome upbringing amongst the fertile pastures surrounding Bega, NSW. Recorded in New Zealand, his albums Driving Out of Eden (2019) and Some Days (2020) landed on high rotation on ABC Country, and received regular airplay on KIX Country, Double J and Triple J. He recently released his catchy, upbeat single I Don’t Know What I've Got Myself In For, which peaked at #4 on the Australian Country Radio charts, just ahead of Keith Urban and Pink.

To get to know Corey Legge a little better, we’ve ask him to tell us five things he always takes on the road.

1 - Guitars

I own too many guitars to mention here, but I always take my Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 acoustic guitar on the road with me. I usually also take my Fender ‘Select’ series Stratocaster, Gibson SG Standard, and Cole Clark ‘Lap Dog’ lap steel. Sometimes I even take my Barnes & Mullins banjo on the road!

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2 - Guitar Amp

The Carvin 50 watt ‘Nomad’ 112 is my guitar amp of choice at the moment and puts out an incredibly clear and loud sound for such a small and lightweight valve amp. I also sometimes take my Reynolds 30 watt combo valve amp on the road, as it has the option to change between 5 watt, 15 watt and 30 watt.

3 - CDs

I am pretty old school when it comes to how I listen to music in the tour van. You can expect to find me listening to anything from AC/DC to Chris Stapleton to James Taylor to Passenger. You’ll probably also find plenty of copies of my albums, Driving out of Eden and Some Days rolling around in the back of the van.

4 - Books

I always take a book or two on tour with me. I’m currently reading Paul Kelly: The man, the music and the life in between, which coincidentally was written by my publicist Stuart Coupe (Paul Kelly’s former manager). I’ve also recently finished reading Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe, which was very informative and eye-opening.

5 - Tour Van

Last, but not least, my trusty van the ‘Boogie Bus’. I first bought my Hyundai iLoad 6-seater manual van back in 2015, and it has done some serious miles since. I have clocked up over 150,000kms in 5 years, in between my day job as a high school teacher. The van has been to every state except for NT and WA!

Keep up to date with Corey Legge on his Facebook page here.

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